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  1. Kruzering

    Strategy Stories from Recruiters

    Who knows a recruiter? What are some of their stories. I heard an Essendon recruiter (former Richmond player) was very high on Luke Parker, but Hird overruled him and went for Ariel Steinberg instead.
  2. Kruzering

    Fun Investments

    So I saw this vintage soft top mustang for sale the other day, I'm not really into cars but this turned my head and have been thinking about it ever since. Here is my justification -It was 22k, which I could take out of my offset account so wouldn't be paying interest on it. -Looked in perfect...
  3. Kruzering

    Buying Apartments Good Call/Bad

    Bit of a hypothetical Say you were looking at downsizing the family home to an apartment, what would the best way to go about it. Option 1 - Sell the family home - roughly 1.5mil and buy a nice apartment for roughly the same price Option 2- Buy 3 houses in different areas for $500k each and...
  4. Kruzering

    Which Essendon player are you most looking forward to see get suspended?

    Not long until the suspensions now, which player sitting on the sidelines wasting two years of their precious career will bring you the most joy? I'm going to have to go with Heppell personally. For no other reason then him being their most promising player and how him missing 2 of what...
  5. Kruzering

    Want to buy an Apartment - Bank won't give Money :(

    Anyone got any advice for me. Me and the Mrs are looking to buy an apartment off the plan in Blackburn for $520k but the bank will only give us 450k. We have a house in Pakenham which we bought 7 years ago which was the worst decision ever! Bought for $315k and 7 years later it's only worth...
  6. Kruzering

    Opinion SC Overall leader cheating?

    I would like to remove the comments I made regarding "C-Money's" team and questioning the credibility of the Herald Sun. I would also like to apologize to anyone that was offended. My comments were baseless rumors without any actual facts.
  7. Kruzering

    Dusty up to his old tricks

    Dustin Martin was kicked out of Trent Cotchins wedding on the weekend for being for too intoxicated. Pretty pathetic effort from Dustin, after all the club and especially Cotch has done for him. I will be really impressed if Richmond can keep him going for a 10 year career. Sent from my...
  8. Kruzering

    Employment Plumbing Jobs

    I am looking for a job as Plumbers Apprenticeship. I'm a mature age (27) applicant coming from an education background, I'm currently completing the certificate 2 in plumbing (pre app). I was wondering what peoples advice would be in seeking a job. I have sent out 15 Resumes to seek/ careerone...
  9. Kruzering

    Forward Set up (Without Hendo)

    Hendo appears to have a 10 week hip injury which is a massive set back to our 2011 prep. What do we think the forward line set up will be without him?
  10. Kruzering

    So who are our "Back 6"

    It seems we are all very happy with last nights draft. However after trading for Laider and drafting 4 defenders what is our back 6 going to look like? -Russell -Davis -Jamo -Bower -Thornton -Laider -Armfield -Austin -Watson -McCarthy -McInnes -Duigan -White -Dare -Tuohy...
  11. Kruzering

    Happy Day for Fef Square Cleaners!!!

    After bashing an innocent cleaner who was on his lunch break trying to stop three drunk males bashing 2 young ladies, it must just be karma that Dane didn't get the brownlow tonight. If the original chokers (Collingwood are 3 from their last 20) win the GF on Saturday, Swan should give his...
  12. Kruzering

    Rumour Gay AFL Players Now I'm sure I heard about this Rumour over 3 weeks ago....I'm not sure where, but the person I heard it from must really be in the know.
  13. Kruzering

    Rumour Homosexual AFL Player

    An AFL player will come forward and "out" himself to the media within the next week! Amazing news! Will rock the AFL!!!!!
  14. Kruzering

    Toast Eddie and Mitch!

    One of my year 7 students recently had to goto the hospital to have a brain tumour removed from his head for the second time in 6 months. It was his first day and back at school today and he couldn't wait to tell me some "exciting news". When he was recovering in hospital he was visited by...
  15. Kruzering

    Early Season Positives

    -Eddie is dominating -Hendo looks a likely type and is on track to be a 50-70 goal a year forward in the future. -Yarran is showing serious class and has really improved his endevour -We are winning the clearances (without judd) Anyone have anything to add??
  16. Kruzering

    News Eight new faces likely for Richmond versus Carlton opener Eight new faces likely for Richmond versus Carlton opener RICHMOND will blood four new faces and Carlton also expects four players to make their debut for the club in the season-opener...
  17. Kruzering

    Blue skies ahead

    Just watching the replay of the finals loss to brissy. One thing that really stands out is how sh!t stevens was. In fact he was pretty sh!t the whole season. He was overweight, soft and just playing without a shread of passion. Alot of opposition supporters, media and even the tab (1.90...
  18. Kruzering

    1995 vs 2010 midfield

    1995 -Bradley -Williams -Brown -Kouta -Ratten -Campo -Hanna -Hogg 2010 -Judd -Murhy -Gibbs -Mclean -Carrazzo -Walker -Joseph -Simpson Personally I think 95 was better, perhaps if Walker delivers, murh and Gibbs continue to take there game up a notch and Yarran and Lucas turn out to be guns...
  19. Kruzering

    1995 vs 2010 midfield

    Which midfield was/will be better. 1995 Kouta Bradley Williams Ratten Fraser Brown Campo Hanna
  20. Kruzering


    My mate Works in your membership department and says you have already gone past 16,000, on target for 50k, not a bad start to 2010.

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