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  1. J

    North Melbourne List Rated 6th Best in Comp

    North List Rated 6th Best in Comp! Will take it with a grain of salt though given Bulldogs are rated 2nd! Good nonetheless to get some recognition given we are always underrated in the media!
  2. J

    Prediction New Senior Coach

    Shaw as senior coach with Paul Roos as mentor????
  3. J

    Analysis Random NORTH thoughts not worthy of a thread

    It's been a long time since a North Melbourne player won a major AFL award. Could this year be the year with Big Ben Brown winning the Coleman and Shaun Higgins the Brownlow? Would cap off a great year regardless of whether we make finals or not.
  4. J

    Player Watch #27: Will Walker - training with the rehab group

    I think more like Hermione to be honest....
  5. J

    Past #29: Brent Harvey - drafted w/ #47 in '95 ND - 432 games/518 goals for NM - AFL games record holder

    It's now time for TINY TURNER to show his true worth
  6. J

    Update on Wells' foot injury....including an article in the Hun

    I am a little concerned after hearing Daniel has a Lisfranc type Injury. Although it does depend on the severity of the initial injury they can take quite some time to heal. Fingers crossed he makes a quick recovery as we need him fit and firing!
  7. J

    We are the laughing stock of the AFL.

    I can't take this anymore.... We have got to be the worst chokers in the history of the AFL! Losing 4 games by less than a goal after having comfortable leads in all games is just unacceptable. We seriously need a sports psychologist to sort out some mental issues the players have. Other...
  8. J

    Suddenly our win against GC looks pretty good!

    Gold Coast up comfortably against Fremantle at half time. Perhaps our scrappy win against them last week wasn't that bad after all!
  9. J

    Geelong on the rebound - oh no!

    I have a funny feeling we might actually pinch this one!
  10. J

    Hansen Vs Gumbleton So Far

    The fact that Hansen has already played 42 games and Gumbleton only 18 due to injury means Hansen is already 1 season ahead in development, and this alone would suggest he has been the better investment so far.
  11. J

    Hansen Vs Gumbleton So Far

    It has been 4 seasons since Scott Gumbleton was drafted at No 2 and Lachie Hansen at No 3 in the 2006 draft. Both were dubbed as the next star key position forwards to play the game and it was a toss of a coin on draft day which player would end up at Essendon and at North Melbourne. Essendon...
  12. J

    Round 1 - North Melbourne v Port Adelaide - Semi-Official Gameday Thread

    Re: Round 1 - North Melbourne v Port Adelaide Robbie Gray and Daniel Motlop are confirmed outs for Port as per
  13. J

    Forward line

    Ok, how about one from left field. What do people think of playing Goldstein at FF and rotating Hale with McIntosh in the ruck? I think Goldstein provides a better contest than Hale and is probably better at ground level as well. He is of similar height to Hale but seems more mobile and has a...
  14. J

    Petrie injury

    Unfortunately a fractured metatarsal is likely to mean at least 6-8 weeks non weight bearing activity which means Petrie is likely to be out of action till at least round 7 or 8 (if all goes smoothly) and more realistically round 9 or 10. Even when he comes back, he will need to be careful to...
  15. J

    Did anyone get a bet on North @ over $9

    Put $10 on for a $95 return!!!
  16. J

    Hiring a new coach midyear?

    I would love to see Pagan back in charge. I don't think we ever missed the finals when he was coach.
  17. J

    The 90s were better in every way

    That centennial night match against Collingwood in the mid nineties where they switched off the lights at the G and had fireworks before the game. Carey was out and Mckernan took over and kick 5 or so to get us over the line. Brilliant.
  18. J

    The 90s were better in every way

    I loved it when we finally turned the tables on Hawthorn and won about 10 games in a row against them from ~1994 to 2000. Always went to the matches with a bunch of Hawthorn mates who were used to their team dominating the competition. Each and every time we beat them with Carey and Longmire...
  19. J


    I am pleased to say I think North were fortunate to have ended up with Hansen rather than Gumby in the 2006 draft. It was line ball and in the end Essendon opted for Gumby instead and although he could potentially be a great player, looks like he is very injury prone. Not what we need. I think...

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