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  1. J

    North Melbourne List Rated 6th Best in Comp

    North List Rated 6th Best in Comp! Will take it with a grain of salt though given Bulldogs are rated 2nd! Good nonetheless to get some recognition given we are always underrated in the media!
  2. J

    We are the laughing stock of the AFL.

    I can't take this anymore.... We have got to be the worst chokers in the history of the AFL! Losing 4 games by less than a goal after having comfortable leads in all games is just unacceptable. We seriously need a sports psychologist to sort out some mental issues the players have. Other...
  3. J

    Suddenly our win against GC looks pretty good!

    Gold Coast up comfortably against Fremantle at half time. Perhaps our scrappy win against them last week wasn't that bad after all!
  4. J

    Hansen Vs Gumbleton So Far

    It has been 4 seasons since Scott Gumbleton was drafted at No 2 and Lachie Hansen at No 3 in the 2006 draft. Both were dubbed as the next star key position forwards to play the game and it was a toss of a coin on draft day which player would end up at Essendon and at North Melbourne. Essendon...

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