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  1. gbatman

    Opinion Breakaway Discussion - Discrimination & Political Correctness

    AFL need to take a leaf out of the big bash's book on how to start an elite female competition. The WBBL Was well viewed on television and successfully used as a curtain raiser. AFL take note! This is massively important for the game.
  2. gbatman

    Australia on Subcontinent Pitches

    Thread to discuss Australia's poor results on the dry grassless wickets of the sub continent and to get people's opinions on the matter. First of all I'll give my opinion and it starts from the top and goes all the way down to the bottom. 1. Our attitude. Australians see dry, grassless...
  3. gbatman

    Free Agency Stay or Go?

    Ok, so we have had a few seasons of free agency and have seen enough really to gauge an opinion on whether or not it is a success. Just basing this on the goal of creating an even competition which cycles and allows teams equal opportunity to rise to the top and preferably not spend too long on...
  4. gbatman

    Autopsy Clearances and the quick kick

    It wasn't that long ago that we we were a hopeless clearance team and were easy pickings for any midfield that wanted it enough to run all over us. Now we're winning the clearances but not capitalising on it at all. We've gone out of our way to find some big bidied midfielders but by doing so...
  5. gbatman

    Siddle Petering Out?

    Siddle has lost around 12-15 KM/H in the last two or three years. Siddle used to be standard around 140-145km/h and even touched on 150km/h at times. He is now a 129-135km/h bowler and at 29 years old should be at his absolute peak. His speeds have not only declined over the last few years...
  6. gbatman

    small font size bug

    Every now and then when I post something some of the text will come up as font sized 2 when I have never selected a new font size. You can fix it by going back and re editing it by selecting all and selecting the desired font size. I have seen this in some other posters posts where they post...
  7. gbatman

    Review Season & Player Reviews

    Thought I would start a thread where people can post their reviews and thoughts on the season as a whole regarding the players, club and the list etc. Team Early on it looked like we were going to be a 5th -10th placed team and we were. There is very little separating the teams in this bracket...
  8. gbatman

    Aspects Gone/Going From The Game

    Hearing people saying things like the bump is gone and that raising the elbow used to be around a lot in the old days got me wondering, what aspects of the game that used to be prolific are now rare or on the way out? For me there are a few things that rule changes brought back that were on...
  9. gbatman

    Etihad Stadium Roof - Open or Closed?

    Do you want the roof to be open all the time, closed all the time or only closed when there is a chance of rain? I am for it to be closed all the time because of the shadowing and how that effects TV and when you are there the sun in your eyes is shocking. I've never been there during a rain...
  10. gbatman

    Autopsy Clearances - The Glaring Issue

    In my mind there are two major issues Carlton need to deal with before we can be one of the top clubs in the competition and that is clearances, particularly from the center and dealing with the blind long kick to no one in particular/not to advantage. Clearances are definitely the big issues...
  11. gbatman

    Feedback Compatibality - IE10 Win7 64-bit

    Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 64-bit is not compatible with the forum. When posting or doing most things it returns an error: "The server responded with an error. The error message is in the JavaScript console." Running Bigfooty in compatibility view solves the bug.
  12. gbatman

    ODI Cricket's Future

    Just wondering where people think the future of one day international cricket is. Personally I don't mind it but then again I will watch any cricket but the general public seem to be off the game a bit. Certantly in terms of attendance, not sure on TV ratings however. There has been talk...
  13. gbatman

    T20 Selection

    Just had a thought when watching Brad Hogg out there staring for Australia. Our selection philosophy has been all wrong for T20 cricket. It's not a young man's game, it's the older players who generally do the best and because it's such a short match the old bodies will be able to get through...
  14. gbatman

    Which is worse?

    Which is worse? One of the dirtiest things I've seen on a football field. Simpson under a high ball, eyes completely on the ball, Wellingham comes from 40m away running hard with the intention to hit as hard as he can and never has eyes for the ball, only on his target. Tucks the shoulder in...
  15. gbatman

    Umpiring - please explain

    Umpiring, not blaming them for the loss even though pitrie kicked about 5 goals from dodgy decisions but we should be asking for a please explain. This is the worst display of one sided rubbish, soft, guesswork umpiring i have seen. No footy club should stand for this sort of crap.
  16. gbatman

    Watson's Shot Selection

    This guy could be a seriously good batsman and should have a lot more 100s and would add at least 10 more runs to his average if he didn't try and play that crap little late glide or slog in the air to areas that have a man on the boundry. The guy has all the ability but makes terrible...
  17. gbatman

    Forward line Structure

    Does any one else think that it's not the players but how we set up and position and who we go to when entering our forward line that is causing us problems? Just a few points I've noticed with how we position and how we set up in the forwardline. 1. Delivery. When we kick long into the...
  18. gbatman

    How to get from a top 4 side to Premiers

    This season we look like being top 4 and at worst 5th again. We look great. A few seasons ago when we were middle of the road it was easy to say what we needed to become better and take the next step but now we are top 4 material we become part of a group where there is a very fine line...
  19. gbatman

    Player Career length & injury rates in the AFL

    It's not even round one and already clubs have a long injury list, over use and soft tissue injuries seem to be coming thick and fast. Clubs are already going to lengths to make sure their better players aren't getting too much game time in the nab cup. Players seem to be finished in their...
  20. gbatman

    Craig McDermott, Savior of Australian Bowling

    In 2005 Australia made a decision that hurt Australian cricket for many years and that was poaching Troy Cooley from England and appointing him as Bowling coach after we lost the ashes. For some reason we though it was his coaching that lost us that series when all it was was poor selection...

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