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  1. CD__

    Player Watch #14 Callum Mills

    Our young superstar has just signed a FIVE year contract extension, fantastic news! Will now be a blood until at least 2023. Link:
  2. CD__

    Christmas/New Years thread!

    Don't think I'll get online much in the next few days so just wanted to get in early and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year! Hopefully 2017 is just as exciting football-wise as 2016 was. Huge shout out to the mods as well, BigFooty wouldn't be possible without you guys...
  3. CD__

    2017 pre-season discussion.

    This just in, every single player is training the house down! Nah but seriously, Foote won the 3km time trial this morning, followed by O'Riordan then maybe Dawson? (I'd be surprised but I'm not sure who else it could be) then Robinson, Zak Jones.
  4. CD__

    Toast Callum Mills - 2016 Rising Star

    Awesome news, this kid has a massive future! So excited to watch him in the red & white for the next 15 years.
  5. CD__

    Toast All-Australian squad 2016

    Congratulations to Hanners, Parks, JPK, Bud and Ramps on making this years squad. Let me be the first to say that it's an absolute joke that Grundy isn't there.
  6. CD__

    Toast Gary Rohan re-signs until 2020

    Yewww Gaz has put pen to paper!
  7. CD__

    Preview 2016 Round 8: Richmond V Sydney, MCG, May 14 - 7.25pm

    To the rest of the competition the Richmond Tigers are traditionally associated with choking in finals, finishing 9th, microwaved memberships, lack of onfield leadership etc. but to the Sydney Swans of late they have been the ultimate danger game. Coming off arguably their best performance of...
  8. CD__

    Aliir Aliir - debuting for the Swans this weekend.

    Aliir's is a pretty incredible story...from being born in a refugee camp in Kenya to playing Australian rules football at the elite level, wishing him all the best for his first game against the Lions...
  9. CD__

    National Draft to be held in Sydney.

    Mike Baird has just announced that the next two National Drafts will be held in Sydney. This is exciting news for NSW football, particularly with academy bidding etc. creating much more hype than usual around draft night. Great move by the AFL :thumbsu:
  10. CD__

    Pre-match entertainment - Tigers V Blues "RICHMOND has upped the ante with its match-day entertainment in 2016 and will use a parade of horses to launch the new season on Thursday night. The Tigers are hosting the first game of the year against...
  11. CD__

    AFL looking to close draft 'loophole' As per the article, the AFL is looking at intervening with regards to teams trading high picks for groups of lower picks in order to accumulate more points for Academy and F/S bidding. Seems like a...
  12. CD__

    All ANZ games relocated to the SCG.

    Brilliant news for the Swans and for the AFL in general...hopefully no team ever has to be play at that abhorrent excuse for a venue ever again.
  13. CD__

    News Back to the SCG in 2016... BUT finals stay at ANZ

    All ANZ Stadium games have officially been moved to the SCG!!! Best news I've heard in a long time!!
  14. CD__

    BBL|05 Grand Final - Melbourne Stars vs. Sydney Thunder (Sunday 7.20PM local; MCG)

    Grand final day!! Sad that BBL05 is coming to an end but tonight should be an absolutely cracking game. The Stars have named an unchanged squad and the Thunder have brought in Kallis & Doran for Nicholls and McDonald. Stars are $1.96 - Thunder $1.85. Weather is supposed to be cool and fine...
  15. CD__

    BBL|05 Semi Final - Melbourne Stars vs. Perth Scorchers (Friday 7.40PM local; MCG)

    Will obviously require updating with teams on gameday but the Stars are most likely to be unchanged whereas the Scorchers will most likely bring in Behrendorff and Paris for Dixon and Richardson. Sportsbet have the odds as Stars $1.95 vs. Scorchers $1.85. I think the match will be decided with...

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