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  1. Free Agent

    All Elite Wrestling

    Yeah true. I dont watch much WWE these days but just checked clips on YouTube and they have the same boring atmosphere without a crowd. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Free Agent

    All Elite Wrestling

    Dynamite is average viewing last few weeks. Did they change the ring set up. Feels very small and amateurish. It's prob got something to do with isolation so they have to do it in a smaller room instead of an arena but the atmosphere really doesn't feel right. Can hear the ring movements. Even...
  3. Free Agent

    Wrestling Podcast Thread

    Listened to talk is Jerico a lot lately. One episode to check out is where he talks about his time in WCW and difficulties with Bischoff. Very entertaining listening if anyones interested.
  4. Free Agent

    Are we starting to see a new era in wrestling.

    WWE moved to PG as they were threaten by the UFC impact. But right now UFC has sort of been dwindling down itself with Conor McGregor barely fighting that we are seeing that there is still a place for wrestling on more mature scale if they went back down that path it would succeed like NJPW is...
  5. Free Agent

    Are we starting to see a new era in wrestling.

    This is a genuine question. Not going to get into a shit fight as I know how many times I've heard the attitude to PG/00 era or what ever you call it comparisons. Now I say this after seeing the Omega vs Jericho Match at NJPW. It was huge and to be honest I believe it has backfired completely...

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