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    Players salaries

    Something I've (everyone's) been thinking for a while is how overpaid the current players are. Very few (except those in their 1st 2 years in the AFL) would be paid anywhere near what they get at another team. Everyone knows that the club is going to take a massive bottom line hit this year. Why...
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    Dees in Darwin

    They will be producing daily articles on their Darwin trip, the first is here. A reasonably light hearted read by Matt Burgan, definitely piqued my interest on what's to come, there's also a video on the site. In reality it's probably a financial decision, but it's interesting that they've...
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    News David Rodan joins the Dees

    Being reported on the AFL website that a deal is about to go through with us parting with a late pick, rather than having to draft him.
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    Which would you prefer?

    It's unlikely to happen at this point and is not guaranteed that if it does happen, that Melbourne would have been in the same position... but GWS are a possibility to trade early picks for Kurt Tippett, quite possibly picks 3 & 13...
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    Traded Nathan Vardy [traded to West Coast for pick 72]

    What are people's thoughts? I haven't seen much, but what I have seen I've liked. Anyone able to dig up the stats on him, height weight etc?
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    Another Injury...

    Just reported that Wona has torn a meniscus in his knee and is going in for surgery this week, the injury was sustained in the Scorpions match on the weekend. Early signs suggest he will be out for 6+ weeks. And the injuries begin...
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    New season jumpers.

    Are they on sale? If not, when do they go on sale? I checked the megastore site and they weren't listed. Also on a totally unrelated note, who is Melbourne's ruck coach? I can't for the life of me figure it out. Tall(same height as PJ) blonde(dyed hair?) guy, looks extremely fit and not too...
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    Clash jumper poll on the MFC website There is a poll for the new clash jumper on the mfc website asking whether you prefer the red or the white clash jumper.
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    Player Sponsorship Jack Watts, welcome to w=l's no pants party. In all seriousness though, has/is anyone done/considering doing this? It sounds like a great idea, but I'm at uni so the price for me is a little steep :rolleyes: However...
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    Beats player rankings.

    I decided to just chuck a list together of what I consider to be the best prospects for us. This is not a list of who I think is the best player, but who is the best suited for us to take. Ie, I have Sidebottom at 11, so if we get him at 17 it's a win, but if we take Roughead who I rank 28th...
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    Volvo Sponsorship This came out on the melbournefc website today, Volvo are continuing their sponsorship of us, but I was unclear on whether they will be our major sponsors or not. They are 'platinum level' which I thought was the highest, but...
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    What we need

    Saw a thread in the Essendon board and decided to replicate it. Obviously we need to go for best available for at least our first 3-4 picks, however this is just for the sake of it. This is our entired squad, minus retirees/ delistees. Potential retiree's for the next 2 years are counted as...
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    Beats' Phantom Draft, 3 Rounds

    I’ve compiled my first 3 rounds of the draft, after round 22. This was mainly to get a list of 50 or so players and to see where I think they will go, I’m pretty sure I’ve listed every top prospect, but if I haven’t feel free to let me know if I’ve missed someone. Also this is pretty hard to do...
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    Best Young KP Defender?

    As the rising star is most likely to be won by a midfielder I was just wondering who you think the best of the 3 key position defenders nominated is. Round 10: Nathan Brown. Born: 17.12.1988 Height: 195 Weight:97 Games Played: 21(2008), 21(career) Round 14: Colin Garland. Born...
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    Danyle Pearce

    Is he any chance to leave port? If so what is he worth? IMO he's the type of player Melbourne needs. If he was to come up for trade I'd offer up Daniel Bell and Melbourne's 3rd rounder for him.
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    2009 ruck division?

    Who will it be? At the moment Johnson and Meesen seem to be the only two set in stone, and Meesen's form in the vfl has been nothing spectacular at best, with Spencer on the rookie list. White could be gone, and it is looking advantageous to trade away Jamar to port as he's an SA boy and if...

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