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  1. Moeydw

    Training Apples' & Jen's Training Thread 2019/2020

    Wasn't Ben Kennedy a player that always use to have his tongue out :p
  2. Moeydw

    Phantom Draft GoSaints12’s Phantom Draft Game

    Is he a top 10 talent or is it too murky to make a call now?
  3. Moeydw

    Fascinating Interview: Mason Cox with a former Indianapolis Colts Punter

    Can someone who's watched it provide a summary?
  4. Moeydw

    Competitions Collingwood Goal Kicking Competition Game 1

    Saintly Viewed (5) Obese Arachnid (41) magpie_marty (5) Corby_4 (41) Maggie5 (2) gappa (17) Copeland (2) Hong Kong Pie (5) foreigner (41) SR36 (2) lyfsux (41) PicaBoo (5) NonPhixion (46) neilk (46) kashyboy (26) Kawenda (41) Ulahoopski (41) reggie (2) frizzle (41) caloschwaby (2) ppoiter (41)...
  5. Moeydw

    Competitions Collingwood Goal Kicking Competition Game 1

    Saintly Viewed - Elliott Obese Arachnid - Mihocek magpie_marty - Elliott Corby_4 - Mihocek Maggie5 - De Goey gappa - C Brown Copeland - De Goey Hong Kong Pie - Elliott foreigner Mihocek SR36 lyfsux - Mihocek PicaBoo Elliott NonPhixion - Cox neilk - Cox kashyboy - Daicos Kawenda - Mihocek...
  6. Moeydw

    Preview Potential 2020 retirees

    Beams, Reid and Varcoe
  7. Moeydw

    Discussion The BF Unofficial league thread.

    In. Team Name: De Goat
  8. Moeydw

    Uncontracted Andrew McGrath [OOC 2020]

    I've always thought they should use Heppell back there again but I don't watch their games enough to see what impact he has in the midfield.
  9. Moeydw

    Uncontracted Andrew McGrath [OOC 2020]

    He said in a recent interview that he's been training with the mids but he said it'll be down to availability at the time.
  10. Moeydw

    Unrestricted Free Agent Tom Bellchambers [UFA 2020]

    Could be decent pickup for a team like Geelong if they decide to go in another direction than Stanley while they're in the window
  11. Moeydw

    Competitions 2020 Collingwood Board SuperCoach Leagues

    Team name De Goat
  12. Moeydw

    Father/Son - Hits and Misses

    Liam Picken, James Stewart and Jake Kelly are some of the recent players we've passed on (none of which I'm particularly unhappy about passing on), are there any others we've passed on who've gone on to be 'hits'?
  13. Moeydw

    Training Apples' & Jen's Training Thread 2019/2020

    Mate of mine who works at MSAC said he just checked the boys in there.
  14. Moeydw

    Training Apples' & Jen's Training Thread 2019/2020

    There was an article linked above mentioning Moore and Reid.
  15. Moeydw

    Training Apples' & Jen's Training Thread 2019/2020

    Hope Reidy and his family are well up in those fire-affected areas.
  16. Moeydw

    Training Jen's training updates

    I suspect he'll re-sign late in the 2020 season.
  17. Moeydw

    Training Jen's training updates

    We were top 3 in points against and I'm sure the system he had in place played a big part just like the old Weagles web back when he was coaching there.
  18. Moeydw

    Champion Data 2020

    We'd have close to 20 elite players if Hugh Greenwood is considered elite.
  19. Moeydw

    Training Jen's training updates

    First to fourth years started on the 18th of Nov and the rest were expected to start on the 2nd of Dec.
  20. Moeydw

    Prediction Jumper numbers 2020 finalised

    Interesting that they still kept Dunn after taking it down. I thought they might have taken it down to remove him since he is technically not a part of the list at this point in time.

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