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  1. EagleJack42

    Hurn steps down as captain - Thank you Bunga

    A brilliant time to do it and one of the club's best captains. Absolute legend. Thanks Bunga.
  2. EagleJack42

    Righting the Ship - The Next 5 Games (A.K.A When Naitanui's Willie Returns)

    So, not the start to the year we expected.... However, I would have happily taken 4-2 at season's start and 3-3 leaves us just below the logjam that is the Top 8 right now. 8 teams above us on 4-4 all of whom will begin taking points off each other shortly. We can only control the games we play...
  3. EagleJack42

    News Jarrad Schofield off to Port Adelaide

    Shame we weren't able to nab him, good luck to him all the same.
  4. EagleJack42

    Toast Top Moments of 2017

    After having the displeasure of following the Top 50 Moments of 2017 and seeing that our extraordinary extra-time after the siren win has been relegated to 7th spot behind dickhead Jack Riewoldt singing with The Killers, I feel it's appropriate that we put up our own top moments...
  5. EagleJack42

    Analysis The Club Song

    Welcome friends! I've created this thread, if only temporarily, to discuss something that I feel indicates a deep seated cultural problem at the West Coast Eagles at the present time. I'm fortunate enough to be able to record games on Foxtel and go back and re-watch post-game coverage when...
  6. EagleJack42

    Analysis AFL Coaches Association Coach of the Year: Luke Beveridge Seriously, seriously stiff for Simmo not to win this... For Christ's sake he's only: Lead a bottom 8 team to a GF in 1 year! Created a gameplan that is the envy of the competition. Devised a defensive web setup which was...
  7. EagleJack42

    Game Day West Coast Eagles vs Essendon Braves

    West Coast Eagles vs Essendon Bombers The road so far... Long ago... there was a fiery cauldron of hate known as Subia-- Ahh Patterso-- damn it Domain Stadium. In this DANK and uninviting place, a brave team named the Essendon Braves had come to defeat the vile and totally still drug-taking...
  8. EagleJack42

    Gaff: Contract News "I'm definitely keen to get it underway and my manager's working closely with guys at the club who are looking after that," Gaff told "All is going well and I love the club. "I guess we can start talks with me now...
  9. EagleJack42

    Preview The Coming Weeks

    Now ladies and gentlemen I hope you've all had a safer and happy Easter weekend than our television screens and the remotes currently embedded in them but despite our loss to the dastardly Port Adelaide & Friends (Green Fellas) on Saturday, we now look ahead to the next few games leading up to...

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