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  1. DidakDelight

    Society & Culture Stereotyping drivers of certain cars?

    Can it be done? If so name the make and model and tell us about who drives this type of car and everything about them.
  2. DidakDelight

    West Coast or Carlton - Who will rise higher in 2014?

    Go back 3 seasons and these two played in a semi final for the ages. In that season the Eagles rose up the ladder after a bottom 4 finish the year before. The Blues floated around the top 4 all year but were crippled with injuries towards the latter end of the season and exited the finals race...
  3. DidakDelight

    Food scraps.. Do you Bin them or Flush them?

    Do you bin or flush your left over food scraps?
  4. DidakDelight

    How many certain wins for Carlton from now on?

    Seriously tough draw for the Blues going into the 2nd half of the season.. 1 Guaranteed win in my view. A lot of 50/50 games which they must win in order to make the 8 Hawks - Loss Swans - Loss Pies - 50/50 St K (Etihad) - 50/50 given recent history North (Etihad) - 50/50 Gold Coast (Away) -...
  5. DidakDelight

    Carlton or St Kilda - Who is better placed to rise in 2013 & beyond?

    2 really closely matched teams with a great mix of ageing stars and speedy youth. In 2011 they finished 5th & 6th respectively with the Blues 2 games and a fair percentage in front. In 2012 they finished 9th & 10th respectively with the Saints 1 game ahead after a last round victory. The...
  6. DidakDelight

    Carlton had 15 Visy "Environmental Ambassadors" in 2012 - Why only target Judd?

    The following players are/were also Ambassadors for Visy in 2012: Are their payments included in the cap? (Click on the Enviromaniacs tab at the bottome to expand it down) 2012 Environmental Ambassadors Dennis Armfield...
  7. DidakDelight

    List of comparable players - Carlton vs Collingwood

    Here is a my list of comparable players from each team Please bold who you think is better head-to-head. Also let me know if you think certain match-ups aren't comparable Murphy vs Pendlebury Simpson vs Thomas Henderson vs Reid Judd vs Swann Carrazzo vs Ball Watson vs Keefe Gibbs vs Shaw...
  8. DidakDelight

    Daicos buries the Blues - *new video*

    Here's a quick video I've uploaded of Blues vs Pies Rd 23 1992 Blues were 3rd on the ladder Pies 4th. Blues had won 6 on the trot and needed to win 1 of the last 2 games of the year (Coll & WC away) to secure a top 6 finals birth. Take note of the sound of the flare going off as the ball...
  9. DidakDelight

    Should the IVF rebate be age restricted or means tested?

    "the proportion of women aged over 40 using assisted reproductive technology has increased steadily from 14.3 percent in 2002 to 26.6 percent in 2008 - that is, one in four women currently undergoing IVF treatment is over 40" (Source The Fertility Society of Australia [Internet]. 2011. Available...
  10. DidakDelight

    Andy Maher future president of Carlton?

    Could this man be a potential future president of the Blues & follow in similar footsteps of McGuire & Brayshaw? He's well connected in the media & I would imagine he'd be a pretty good networker. He's a passionate blues man & could use his position in the media similar to McGuire & Brayshaw to...
  11. DidakDelight

    Setanta O'Hailpin = Earl Spalding Mk II

    Is it me or is O'Hailpin the Golf Ball Mk II ?
  12. DidakDelight

    Should Judd get a week for his elbow to Leon Davis?

    Should Judd get a week for his elbow to Leon Davis? If Cyril copped a week then Judd should surely cop 1 or 2. Watch at the 10min 35sec mark of the last quarter. Anyone got a youtube link?
  13. DidakDelight

    Hurley vs Henderson

    Michael Hurley vs Lockie Henderson? Who do you rate out of these two future superstars of the competition? Henderson is 6 months older and has been more consistent so far in his career. Either way both players are going to be the best KPP's in the game over the next 5-10 years...
  14. DidakDelight

    Carlton declare their Intention to win 2 of the next 5 flags

    ""We will be uncompromising..."
  15. DidakDelight

    Goddard vs Judd

    Who is the more complete player?
  16. DidakDelight

    Society & Culture The 80's

    What do you young people think of the 80's? When I say young people I refer to those whocare in the early 20's or younger now. Can you understand the hype about the 80s or does it seem like a bit of a joke? For those who experienced the 80's - what do you think of when it comes to the...
  17. DidakDelight

    Games & Recreation Prank Calls

    What are your favourite prank calls? i-a_P5V7C2U
  18. DidakDelight

    The youngest ever Premiership team?

    Has there ever been a younger premiership team than Collingwood's yesterday? The average age was 24years & 57 days The Baby Bombres of 93 had an average age of 24 years & 105 days Has there ever been a younger side to go all the way?
  19. DidakDelight

    Congratulations Scott Pendlebury - 2010 Norm Smith Medal Winner

    Good on you pendles EDITED - to show respect to Lenny Hayes
  20. DidakDelight

    EXTREME RUMOUR - Pendlebury Out

    Scott Pendlebury (SP_10) announced on twitter that he's out. Anyone know what he did?

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