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  1. KiwiRoo

    New Zealand Tour Nov 2015

    Be interested to see what the aussies think their starting Eleven will be ? NZ probably will go Guptill Latham Williamson Taylor McCullum Anderson Watling Craig Southee Henry Boult 3rd seamer up for grabs between Wagner, Bracewell , Milne and Henry and maybe a battle between Neesham and...
  2. KiwiRoo

    South Africa V England- how the sides stack up

    1 plays 2 in the world. How do the sides compare ? here's my go Smith v Strauss. Smith for me. Both great Captains, but Smith dominates more often.Averages 50 opening which is a great effort. Peterson V Cook. Cook clear winner, has a great test record. Peterson is developing, but...
  3. KiwiRoo

    Who are the biggest hitters in World cricket ?

    Who are the top 3 biggest hitters going round at the moment ? For me its: 1. Chris contest.No ground is big enough 2. David Warner..sweet timer of the ball. 3. Martin Guptill..has hit some huge sixes in the last couple of years.Hit one 127 metres last night. David Hussey, Shahid...
  4. KiwiRoo

    McMahon out

    just saw it in The Age Macmillan could get a gig, though you'd think Urquhart would be first in the queue for a recall or they could play Edwards and swing Hansen back to the backline we'll miss McMahon..turning out to be a very reliable footballer
  5. KiwiRoo

    Drafting:Mature aged vs youngsters

    Seems to be a bit of a trend towards drafting mature aged players with later draft picks or rookie selections for the obvious reasons: 1.Mature Bodies 2. Fitter 3. you can see how they perform playing senior footy 4. More mature less chance of home sickness 5. Dont have to wait for...
  6. KiwiRoo

    Copy of the game ?

    any chance someone can post a copy of the game on here for us overseas fans ! Would be hugely appreciated ~! :D
  7. KiwiRoo

    Eugene on 3AW

    Not happy with eddie ! says they will wear the alternate strip for this year,but not going forward. Also stated that he found it abhorrent that Eddie is using the threat of Collingwoods continued support for NMFC to continue to get the AFL money as a big stick to get what Collingwood want...
  8. KiwiRoo

    need to watch it !!!!!

    jeez beat Collingwood by a point..Didak misses an open goal,bad bounces ...reading all the posts and not having seen the game is like nude shots of Anna Kournikova being passed round the back of class and you're sitting at the front...its torture ! As theres no chance of a replay in NZ...
  9. KiwiRoo

    A dilema !

    As i live in NZ and dont have the finances of the Price fixing Pratt.I can attend only ONE game this year and I just cant make my mind up which one ideas ?..what do you reckon is the MUST SEE game this year ? ps I am a member the cards have arrived on this side of the ditch...
  10. KiwiRoo

    My top 5 moments from the game

    1. Edwards more airtime than Shannon Noll (:eek:).Showed the hawks that it wasnt just Petrie that posed an aerial threat to them....shame he missed the kick..but as it said in the paper..they always do 2. Lowers bump on Franklin.Brilliant !...some comparatively midget...
  11. KiwiRoo

    Any changes needed this week ?

    Obviously we need to replace Wells & havent heard how McMahon has scrubbed up either with his corky but I gather hes ok. will they bring in Whyman or Edwards to replace Wells ? My guess is Edwards with Grant,Jones or MacMahon rotating through the midfield to take over Wells role But they...
  12. KiwiRoo

    Worth North chasing Fev at end of the year ?

    Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere,but is it worth North having a crack at Fevola ?.Its been publicised that North has a bit of room in the salary cap.Hes only 26 years old we should get some good years out of him. Would it be worth North gambling that they can turn round his...

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