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    Best Performances of 2015

    Cricinfo have their performances of the year nominees up: Test Batting: Test Bowling: I think the test innings of the year should go to Chandimal. Yes, it was a...
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    Russell Jackson

    First came across his work for cricinfo/The Guardian as a cricket writer, then followed his blog. Excellent football writer as well - hits the mark with all of his articles and does some pretty innovative stuff like the retrospective live blog of the 1993 state of origin. There's something about...
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    St Kilda's youth

    Whilst it was a pretty terrible game, it was good to see so many young Saints players step up addressing the groupthink that they have no decent young players. Missing a whole host of senior players, guys like Curren, Dunstan, Templeton, Hickey, Newnes and Saunders were terrific outshining...
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    Patrick O'Dea

    A story of a player, not so much the game of Australian Football so not sure if it belongs here, but had never heard of it before and found it fairly interesting.
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    News Port trialling WA Rugby Player

    Woke up to find us on the back of The West Australian! That's something that doesn't happen every day. We are looking to take a rugby player under the alternative talent system.
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    Hartlett in 2014

    Just interested to see what others are expecting from Hartlett next year? He's coming to a stage where you'd expect to be seeing him produce a bit more if he's going to be the elite player we all hope he can be. I'm pretty optimistic. I really like the comparison between he and David Mundy -...
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    News Monfries traded to Port + Expectations Poll

    I'm not against having a look at Monfries, but four years.. if true, that is another horrendous decision. Also, I reckon he might have realised he will probably start getting phased out of Essendon's forward line. They've already got Jetta and Davey for crumbing and pace and I like what I have...
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    Matthew Nicholls

    How is this incompetent cretin continue to be allowed to ruin games of AFL football? The clown misses blatant freekicks then follows up two seconds later paying something that is not there. He does this crap every single week and I know from comments on here that I am not alone. Get rid of him.
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    Things I learnt whilst watching Ess v Port

    How awful was the commentary? Stop reading off your media guide and call the game. Whats the point of interviewing a players parents DURING the play? But the "fun facts" BS that went all day was quite incredible: Paul Stewart's girlfriend is Bernie Vince's sister Jarrad Redden apparently...
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    AFL Insider

    I am sure all of us were wondering why St Kilda kicked so many goals on the weekend on the break against us. AFL Insider showed behind the goal footage for a couple of St Kilda's goals, and highlighted how our players were choosing the wrong time time go to the bench. There was the Rhys Stanley...
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    Teams of the Year

    The official ones. Bird takes out the Shield award and Cooper the Ryobi Cup award. Sheffield Shield Liam Davis Rob Quiney Peter Forrest George Bailey Adam Voges Dan Christian Peter Nevill Ben Cutting Jade Herrick Jackson Bird Michael Hogan Looks pretty good to me without analysing the stats...
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    Australian wicketkeepers

    It seems at the moment, Australia has an excess of quality young (and not so young) wicketkeepers. Admittedly some of them are predominantly batsmen, but I haven't noticed any "poor" keepers at domestic level. Would be interested to see how people rate them all and think of them. I don't think...
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    International players in Domestic Cricket

    With Monty Panesar (unsuccessfully) trying to be allowed to play for an injury/internationls hit NSW in a shield game, it got me thinking again about allowing international players playing domestic cricket in Australia again. I am leaning towards wanting it to happen, and believe it could have...
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    How many centurions over the last decade do you remember? If you have 20 minutes to waste, give this a go. Impossible to get all of them, because there is no way you can remember that much useless information. I ended up with 102 out of 174, missing some pretty big and some extremely small names...
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    Beer or Lyon: who plays?

    What do people think will happen here? Lyon was extremely impressive in one innings of his six innings career and was pretty awful in the rest of the remaining five, going for plenty and not picking up wickets. Does he get persisted with in South Africa? Beer on the other hand is percieved to...
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    Chooseday night football

    I can't find the link again and it's probably too late to vote, but since we've been so shithouse this year Fox Sports have given us a choice of three games one of which will be replayed tonight: Port v Adelaide 2002 Port v St Kilda prelim 2004 Port v Geelong 2007 (Round 21!) When I last voted...
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    Pearce and Carlile

    They've copped a hell of a lot from our supporters this year, and probably a fair amount of it has been deserved, but today I think they have been terrific. Pearce has run really hard today and whilst there has been quite a few burnt kicks, he's done what we've wanted to see for a long time. He...
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    Hawthorn - contender or not?

    They have been awful today. Absolutely shocking. Is this only because Buddy is out? They have so many gun players, but they haven't stood up today. We've seen them seriously challenge Geelong, but what about the other contenders? Collingwood should have no trouble with them and Carlton would...
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    I'm hopeless at this game...

    Hey, as the title suggests, I am not particularly good at this game. I have played probably about 10 games on rookie and haven't won yet. Closest game being a 1 point loss to the Gold Coast when I was the Bulldogs. But most games I have been slaughtered by ordinary teams ie. Richmond, Gold...
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    What will we do with Katich?

    Does he deserve to come straight back in to the test team for the Sri Lanka series? He is still probably the best option, but I think we would be going in the wrong direction if we continue to pick him. Hughes or Marsh would be the logical replacement, but Ed Cowan definitely deserves to be...

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