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  1. GarnerSmash

    Player Watch #23: Ben McKay -

    I've seen more of him at my local Coles over the last month than i have on North media im the last 2 years.
  2. GarnerSmash

    News NMFC AFLW 2020

    If people are upset at this then they need to get over themselves. This isn't a slap in the face to the womens game, its a business decision. Yes, it is a pity that we have had to let Gowans go, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The club is clear that it is looking to use its...
  3. GarnerSmash

    Who is your current favourite North player?

    Ben Cunnington and Robbie Tarrant. Two no fuss, get the shit done footballers who are also supremely talented guns.
  4. GarnerSmash

    Autopsy Autopsy vs St Kilda

    I was a huge fan of the Cunners leg hold/no free kick about 1 second before that. That no call won us the game.
  5. GarnerSmash

    Certified Legendary Thread Sympathy for *essendon II - MT on drug charges - *Ess loses to CFC - RIP The Scales & Dugdale2Dwyer

    Doc. Fantastic half back flank who goes forward late in his career as a third marking option and kicks 129 goals in the four years from 96 - 99, including two premiership years. Would have walked into the * team.
  6. GarnerSmash

    Play Nice Random Chat Thread IV

    Not sure whats more bizarre. Pointing out the odd instance of 'leftist, new-anarchist' involvement in stoking riotous behaviour and claiming moral high ground accordingly, or Utterly ignoring mounting evidence rampant police brutality and the deployment of military units around the US for...
  7. GarnerSmash

    Play Nice Random Chat Thread IV

    This shit has brought out all the agitators. We have anarchists/antifa nongs tearing up the concrete, smashing shop windows and vandalising anything they can get their hands on, cos 'fu** the system man, capitalism is a cage', until they get married and have kids, then they will become a slave...
  8. GarnerSmash

    Play Nice Random Chat Thread IV

    Dickheads will dickhead. Representatives of the system must be held to a higher standard in the execution of the states will. Otherwise mob rules, where the mob is state backed and armed to the teeth.
  9. GarnerSmash

    Play Nice Random Chat Thread IV

    Sorry mate. Utterly disagree. A civillian is lying prostrate on the pavement, clearly subduded and compliant. It is criminal to then spray him in the face with pepper spray.
  10. GarnerSmash

    Player Watch #27: Will Walker - back in full training

    It'll come. The base is there.
  11. GarnerSmash

    Player Watch #27: Will Walker - back in full training

    Nek minnit, fractured coccyx, 2 weeks.
  12. GarnerSmash

    Player Watch #27: Will Walker - back in full training

    He actually looks like he has developed a real base of muscle on his frame. Not bulging muscles, he will never be that, but I think he has a real solid foundation now to be hard and tough.
  13. GarnerSmash

    Coach Congratulations to New NMFC Senior Coach - Rhyce Shaw - 3 Year Deal

    The pre-season was fairly shite also. That Melbourne trial game was the worst I have seen a North team play in a very long time. Thankfully we came out with a win against the Swans, but we were fairly poor that day too. The proof will be in the pudding.
  14. GarnerSmash

    Injury The OFFICIAL Injury Updates thread - 2 weeks

    ******* cursed.
  15. GarnerSmash

    Player Watch #15: Paul Ahern

    Makes an appearance here at 1.40. Looks lean....
  16. GarnerSmash

    Injury The OFFICIAL Injury Updates thread - 2 weeks

    Its a problem. There are two ways of looking at this. Its either good management on his behalf, recognising the signs and making sure there are no bigger issues to deal with, or its a result of coming back to real training and not being able to cope, meaning he needs to do a power of work before...
  17. GarnerSmash

    Player Watch #33: Ed Vickers-Willis - dislocated toe at training (27 May)

    As long as there is no ligament or bone damage he'll be right. Knowing Ed's luck, he's probably got both those things now. Its bullshit. Dudes a certified 200 gamer.

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