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  1. lockheed

    Player Watch #44: Cameron Zurhaar - re-signs until end of 2022

    As Cam is still playing, presumably then, we don't have a fit footballer who can be competitive to replace him.
  2. lockheed

    Player Watch #18: Shaun Atley -

    I honestly can't see Atley improving, and he doesn't represent our future. It will probably cost us in the short term, but I'd rather leave our young players forward.
  3. lockheed

    Game Day Rd 4 Roos v Hawks 6.10pm Marvel

    If we win tonight, we'll be 4th on the ladder. If we lose, at best we'll be 9th. No pressure guys.
  4. lockheed

    List Mgmt. 2020: Death Riding Melbourne [NMFC owns MFC's 1st & 4th 2020 picks] - Keep Your Eye on the Red and the Blue

    I think that Adelaide has a strong grip on this year's wooden spoon.
  5. lockheed

    Game Day Rd 4 Roos v Hawks 6.10pm Marvel

    Would someone remind me of the statistic, cited after last week's performance, of when we last won without Ben playing? Let's end that run today.
  6. lockheed

    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Thread.....

    He would fill a gaping hole in our list.
  7. lockheed

    2020 NMFC Membership thread

  8. lockheed

    Player Watch #32: Mason Wood -

    And, in one post, you've demonstrated more football nous that a previous coach.
  9. lockheed

    Coach Congratulations to New NMFC Senior Coach - Rhyce Shaw - 3 Year Deal

    Last week's game could easily have been one from the Scott era; the reaction at the selection table certainly is not. Kudos to Rhyce.
  10. lockheed

    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Thread.....

    Don't even fix a price.
  11. lockheed

    Player Watch #11: Luke "Two Dogs" McDonald - signed until end 2021

    Brad Moran on Buckley. The one time I thought we might be tanking.
  12. lockheed

    Player Watch #7: Jack Ziebell [Part II] - ©

    If Jack can't kick straight and he can't apply sufficient pressure to help lock the ball in our forward line, then he must be a consistent marking avenue to goal. Right now he is, sometimes.
  13. lockheed

    Autopsy vs Swans

    A barometer, for me, is how easily the opposition moves the ball from defence. Last week, GWS struggled, and we constantly picked up their kicks from defence and reloaded. Much less of that pressure today and Sydney were able to consistently launch attacks from their backline. Another indicator...
  14. lockheed

    2020 NMFC Membership thread

    A slight uptick.
  15. lockheed

    2020 NMFC Membership thread

  16. lockheed

    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    From 6. The Roos finally find their next A-grader The query around North Melbourne over the summer was whether the club had a genuine A-grader coming through its ranks. After all, Trent Dumont (24 years old)...
  17. lockheed

    Player Watch #11: Luke "Two Dogs" McDonald - signed until end 2021

    I'm another person with a whole lot of words to eat. Well done Luke. We need this standard every week.
  18. lockheed

    Player Watch #16: Aiden Bonar

    We generally do pretty well without planning.
  19. lockheed

    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    This is such a good idea, and the club can say it's because her ongoing concern for the wellbeing of the club.
  20. lockheed

    News NMFC & Tassie (the mass debate re our future there, the academy, attending advice)

    If the Tasmanian government, in a post-Covid, near normal world, is still willing to gift money to AFL clubs, is that likely?

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