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  1. Zuma

    Wills and marriage ?

    I am getting married soon and do not have a will. My wife to be and I are travelling overseas for honeymoon and with the house in my name I am wanting to Make a will, however my wife to be already has a will in her maiden name with her parents and sibling as beneficiaries. When I do my will and...
  2. Zuma

    Resource West coast eagles logo stencil or sticker

    I am looking for a stencil or nice medium size sticker of West Coast Eagles new logo for a cardboard cut out “Lou’s handball” style game that I am having as a game at my wedding reception. Any leads would be awesome cheers
  3. Zuma

    Paul McCartneys new Album - Egypt Station

    out last week and set to be Pauls first top 3 Album on ARIA for many years. It’s a strong collection of nicely crafted styles and sounds very impressive from a 76 year old. Here are my initial impressions of the songs in order: Opening Station - instrumental piece sounds of a station building...
  4. Zuma

    New Paul McCartney Double Single

    In advance of the release of his 17th solo studio album "Egypt Station" Paul has released 2 songs as a double sided single in the old language, one playful and upbeat tune and the other a nice melodic piano ballad. Come on to me I Don't Know So what do you make of the new songs? For me I...
  5. Zuma

    George Harrison live guitar playing thread

    With his distinct shuffle played a mean slide nice and bluesy during his concerts in Japan. Enjoy if you haven’t come across these: Don’t believe he used open tuning on this cloud 9 performance: More slide on cheer down the song he and petty wrote for LW2 at the request of Lenny warnaker...
  6. Zuma

    iphone photos and icloud storage - do photos need to be deleted from device?

    Hello more tech savy peeps than I I am heading on holidays soon and I have turned on icloud photo library and optimising iphone storage. I have all my current photos accessible in icloud storage folders and also still in my photos on my iphone device. My question is do I have to delete all the...
  7. Zuma

    Paul McCartney Australian Tour 2017 Thread!

    There wasn't already one? Man playing 3 hour sets after so many years in fine voice and boundless energy delivering all the favourites and more.
  8. Zuma

    Best music tshirt site - quickest delivery to Australia

    anyone have any good ones ? Trying to source McCartney/beatles shirts that will arrive prior to December Cheers
  9. Zuma

    Paul McCartney 2 December 2017 NIB Stadium Perth!

    Concert industry sources say The Beatles and Wings icon is close to locking in long-awaited Australian tour dates in November and December with promoter Michael Gudinski.
  10. Zuma

    Midnight Oil - 50 to 1

    The Oils are arking up again and what better time to unleash my 50 - 1 from this powerful and passionate band from the Northern Shores loved by us all. Let's rock! 50 - Dust - Midnight Oil It's 2am in Town Hall Station Black walls and sleeping drunks Are bad companions Ice is there Fear is...
  11. Zuma

    Kerry's back on the radio

    kkkkkkkk squeal not with ABC but MMM
  12. Zuma

    RIP Leon Russell

    The horror run of 2016 continues with well respected session musician and flamboyant performer in his own right, Leon Russell. He played with Joe Cocker in Mad Dogs and Englishmen, appeared at George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh, played with and produced countless musicians hits and later...
  13. Zuma

    The Durrells

    who liked it and why ?
  14. Zuma

    50 - 1 Paul McCartney

    I'm back with my 50 - 1 of Paul McCartney. This man needs no introduction except to say I suspect the next biggest question besides will he ever return to Australia would be which song from his long successful solo career will land at number 1? 50 - Press - Press To Play - 1986 Press is the...
  15. Zuma

    Mudcrutch 2 album (Petty, Campbell, Tench, Leadon & Marsh)

    Released yesterday by Tom Petty and the band that could have been had things been a bit different in the mid 70's but I digress, great that they banded together back in 2008 releasing their first album and have now followed up with their "2" album. Here's a quick review of the album for those...
  16. Zuma

    50 - 1 George Harrison

    The next artist in my 50-1 series is the Dark Horse, George Harrison. Here I hope to highlight his solo career which had it's share of majestic high points and forgettable low points, a few brilliant albums, a few uneven albums, spiritual and soulful inspirations, trademark slide guitar...
  17. Zuma

    Blast from the Past Series - Part 1

    Reliving great live music performances over the years .Kicking off the series are none other than Paul Simon and George Harrison whose vocal harmonies complimented each other remarkably well one night in 1976 on Saturday Night Live. They played Simon's "Homeward Bound" and Harrison's "Here Comes...
  18. Zuma

    Anyone recommend Jabra Drive hands free kit?

    wanting a cheap hands free kit to pair with an iPhone 6plus to take and receive calls in a vehicle that does not have Bluetooth or an aux in the stereo system. Also not needing an fm transmitter/receiver. Have heard Jabra Drive would be good anyone agree or other suggestions? Cheers legends
  19. Zuma

    50 to 1 - David Bowie

    The sad news of January 10th shocked us all. I have always been a fan of David Bowie one of rocks most intriguing, intelligent and talents artists. Here is a 50 - 1 dedicated to the great man. 50 - It's No Game (Part 1) - Scary Monsters - 1980 This song featuring a Japanese female vocalist and...
  20. Zuma

    George Harrison now on Spotify

    I'm stoked that George's solo material is now available for streaming there is some great tunes throughout his 13 albums, some of his lyrics are very underrated especially on "Brainwashed" the album recorded on his death bed. It's not all about Krishna, I find George to have been the most...

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