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  1. Jakksynn

    Opinion Top 4 sides should not be able to access free agents.

    I don’t know about you guys but watching Tom Lynch absolute tear apart a prelim for Richmond doesn’t exactly fill me with good feelings. He abandoned a side on the bottom of the ladder to go to a side coming off winning a premiership and then making a prelim. Now it’s absolutely nothing against...
  2. Jakksynn

    Opinion Goal Celebrations

    So much has been made of Duursma and his Bow and Arrow, where do you sit on this issue? Do you want to see more of it in our game? Is it a sign of arrogance? Personally I love it. At the time we were only down by 16 points and if we weren’t a complete train wreck this year it might of been a...
  3. Jakksynn

    Dropping The Knees

    Now this is a thread about players dropping the knees, not ducking. Don't get the two confused. When are the AFL going to do something about this? It's a blight on our game. No one likes seeing it. Even when your team is on the receiving end of it you get a hollow feeling. Now I understand it...

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