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  1. lethalselbow

    Hawk Talk Podcast

    Hey All Just giving a bit of a shout out to the lads behind Hawk Talk Podcast. Great podcast by two very dedicated and knowledgeable Hawthorn fans. They pop out regular podcasts on the team and seem to have a few inside whispers as they regularly attend Hawthorn functions, training sessions and...
  2. lethalselbow

    M9 scuffle and wash up.

    Was in M9 standing and enjoying a good game. In the final quarter, turned to the side and saw a Hawthorn supporter out cold, on the ground, and the police jumped some Richmond fan. My mate and some others got him into the recovery position before police and aid workers took over. Didn't see...
  3. lethalselbow

    News The Age: "Rioli: forward or midfielder? Don't blink, or you'll miss him"

    Rioli: forward or midfielder? Don't blink, or you'll miss him DateJuly 19, 2012 By Emma Quayle Cyril Rioli is running himself into a new role. CYRIL Rioli has heard what everyone says about him. How they love the way he chases, tackles, picks pockets, kicks goals from impossible angles and...
  4. lethalselbow

    News "Hawks' revival hopes" - An article with some insight from Terry Wallace

    Hawks' revival hopes Matt Murnane May 29, 2012 "Wallace, a dual best-and-fairest winner at Hawthorn, said the most pressing issue was the midfield balance and whether the club could continue...
  5. lethalselbow

    Can you play Strats, Schoey, Gibson & Gilham in the same backline?

    Is there room for these Stratton, Schoenmakers, Gibson & Gilham in the same back line?? Stratton 189cm Schoenmakers 193cm Gibson 189cm Gilham 192cm & Birchall 193cm Just wondering whether people think the backline is too tall, but no one individually tall enough? Playing Stratton...
  6. lethalselbow

    News "... too many Hawks too satisfied with their reputations."

    This article sums up the a lot of the Hawthorn problem in one line. "Perhaps that made Hawthorn's lack of effort even more stark. What is becoming patently obvious, though, is the gap between perception and reality with a side making a habit of becoming the AFL's great tease. And some...
  7. lethalselbow

    Sam Mitchell Discussion.

    Just throwing his name up for discussion as he never seems to be under the microscope. Is not having his best season and that stupid coat-hanger job on Jake King, in the first quarter, was hardly inspiring from a leader and indicative of a guy under a bit of pressure. Whilst he wasn't in our...
  8. lethalselbow

    Is Buckley turning into a Muppet?

  9. lethalselbow

    Malthouse Pies - 1 GF win from 5 attempts

    Just thought it was interesting to note that during the Malthouse reign, the Pies had only won the GF on one occasion out of 5 attempts. Probably lucky the Saints showed up that year.
  10. lethalselbow

    Lewis - You Absolute Gem!

    Amazing game by Lewis. Great season and capped off with a great final game.
  11. lethalselbow

    Cyrol Rioli interview coming up now on AM 693 - 3AW

    Just a quick heads up
  12. lethalselbow

    Are we the worst overhead marking side in the AFL?

    How surprising is it if a Hawthorn player takes a overhead mark in a contested situation?? Hugely!! We have next to no one who can do one of the greatest aspects of watching AFL football. Our backline struggles when the ball goes in the air, with our serviceable 6 footers looking for the punch...
  13. lethalselbow

    One flag in three years isn't so bad Geelong.

    I mean that's the same as Hawthorn and Collingwood/Bulldogs/Saints. Wasn't as if you dominated or anything.
  14. lethalselbow

    Brown: Forward or back?

    Watching the game yesterday, I kept thinking that Campbell Brown should have been played in the backline. He did get one goal and provides defensive forward pressure, but surely with that side we had heaps of other options: Peterson, Hooper, Ozzie, Whitecross... to do the same job. The ball also...
  15. lethalselbow

    2010. Is that the ball game?

    Today's game versus Sydney might be a little reflective of our season. We let the thing slip early, pulled hard to bring it back into a positive position, but in the end our poor form early caught up with us. Finals contention is still in our own hands, but shocking form over the last...
  16. lethalselbow

    The Brown forward experiment is over.

    With two wins in the past two weeks, and Campbell Brown leading the way with his hard nut best in our defensive half, I think it's time to put to bed the experiment of Brown playing in attack. We've got the goal sneaks and forward pressure in Hooper, Osborne, Rioli and co to handle the job...
  17. lethalselbow

    To all the Hawk "fans" who've been wanting us to lose...

    Hawthorn won, so suck it down, you losers. You know who you are and you're pathetic. :thumbsu: :D
  18. lethalselbow

    How many weeks for Daniel Jackson for headbutting?

    After Campbell Brown gave him a bit of a welcome to the big league, Jackson lost his cool and went the weak heatbutt. How many weeks are the AFL paying out these days, for gutless headbutts? 2-3 weeks?
  19. lethalselbow

    Question on Umpiring Positioning and McLaren.

    Why did McLaren start the first quarter at the Hawthorn attacking end?? Then the second... Then the third... And finally starter the fourth in the middle. The first 3/4's the lovely McLaren started as the umpire in our forward line. WHY? Surely they should have switched it up?
  20. lethalselbow

    How good was that Mitchell tackle?

    That Mitchell to tackle to save the game was just AMAZING! Awe inspiring effort from the captain. :thumbsu:

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