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  1. Coathanger

    Roughy Farewell Game

    I’m getting very annoyed with the lack of commitment for Roughy to have a farewell game next weekend. It’s flat out disrespectful to a club legend and captain of this great club, to string this decision out. It’s only the Suns for Christ sake, my uncle And aunty could kick two goals each against...
  2. Coathanger

    Jones or Hanrahan to be upgraded this week.

    The time has come to see one of these guys upgraded to play this weekend. I don’t care which one,whoever Clarko deems ready for a crack.
  3. Coathanger

    Runners weren't to coach!

    So the AFL consider banning runners this season, because they are out there too long "coaching" and taking up space. WTF was Sauce doing yesterday at the Gabba?
  4. Coathanger

    VFL standard kicking.

    Anyone else think the first two rounds have had the worst standard of footskills? No pressure & can't get anywhere near a team mate from 30 - 40 mtrs. What do they do all week? Forget all the technical crap & practice kicking for Christ sake.
  5. Coathanger

    Guess a microwave is a better excuse than a dog?

    What a muppet,can't even use a microwave! Maybe he got his flea infested hair caught in the door? Of course wouldn't be p!ssed on his birthday,only raspberry lemonades for Dysie!
  6. Coathanger

    Gabba Mud Wrestling

    The Karma bus has pulled up at the Gabba. Let's hope the boys rip the living sh!t out of that cricket pitch. It'll teach that bonehead gardener to d!ck with the biggest game in this country!
  7. Coathanger

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

    I hope you all have a safe and merry Christmas. Drive careful if you are on the roads. We may never get to meet in person, but we are united as one bunch of enthusiastic Hawk supporters. It's great to hear everyone's(alright not everyone maybe:)) thought's,training info and general chat during...
  8. Coathanger

    What a shock

    The little huff and puff Lions are going to trade Aish now.... Oh and they'll let Lewyburger go as well. All noise and no ticker,just like their players. Leppa is waiting for new draftees he can grab by the throat next year. Little Tom Halfwit is in the gym with the mop where he belongs. It's...
  9. Coathanger

    Poor little Tom..They are all leaving again?

    Tom reckons Redden is his best mate and he can't make him stay. Let's see if this dimwit calls him a little sook like he bagged Polec,Yeo etc. This guy is the thickest captain in the league,and Leppa should quit for supporting this fool. Whilst he's captain they will always be at the bottom of...
  10. Coathanger

    Chris Scott's Presser

    Q. Chris what did you make of the game? A. Mission accomplished my friend,no way we go out in straight sets again. Q. A few of the old blokes looked ordinary tonight? A. Yeah our change room looks like a bingo hall now days. Q. You must be looking forward to getting Lachie Henderson in next...
  11. Coathanger

    Enjoy the holiday Stevie J....erk

    What a gutless squib...I guess he's never been accused of being too bright, but play the ball Captain Coward!!!!
  12. Coathanger

    Harley a disgraceful bias commentator

    Have a listen to yourself on the replay you embarrassing joke!
  13. Coathanger

    Finals Umpiring A Disgrace

    The footy steps up for finals but umps step down! Disgraceful first qtr last night with caught holding the ball,dropping the ball and throwing the ball,but no whistle ! Now down at Simpleton Stadium Freo on the end of rubbish umpiring 8-2 free count. For Christ sake lift your game umps!
  14. Coathanger

    Mitchell>>>the 3 AA Magpie Muppets!

    What a joke the AA selectors are!
  15. Coathanger

    Maxwell worse Capt since the Concordia!

    What a bonehead. With a team of wannabe bullies you embarrassed yourselves.
  16. Coathanger

    AFL Seeking new Cairns partner

    Let's hope this new team shows some ticker! How can you grab at $1.5 million, pick the easiest team to play, then start sooking because you couldn't beat them? Very poor from Richmond.. Can't wait for the reception these grubs get in next years game, save the big (3hr20m)flight and forfeit!
  17. Coathanger

    Which Brown quit?

    I thought it was Bob, but apparently it was Jonathan after tonight!!!:rolleyes:
  18. Coathanger

    Camera Angles.

    Is anyone else getting sick and tired of the 32 different angles to show the guy kicking for goal,and not from damn well behind so we can see??? What is with the 45deg angle shot from calf height all about? Notice to you bonehead broadcasters! WE WANT TO SEE IF HE KICKS THE GOAL FOR...
  19. Coathanger

    How Embarrassing was Ch 10's coverage!!!

    Well we can only look forward to the FOX covered games after that embarrassing commentary in the Richmond vs Waite game last night. I must of awakened from a coma, as apparently Waite must of won two Brownlow's and been All Australian 5 years running whilst I was out to it...
  20. Coathanger

    The Inaugural Captain is...

    I've heard some strong whispers that a certain young gun playing for a Vic club has been offered $800K a year for 4 years and the captaincy?

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