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  1. HoneyBadger35

    Review Positives and Negatives vs Sydney

    That’s better lads. Sydney are bad. No need to throw a parade, but a good mature win and did well to pull away. Season on line, playing a man down and we stood up. Keep the season alive then come back to Perth for a few months. Fire up campaigners. + Waterman, Allen - keep them in for the year...
  2. HoneyBadger35

    Podcast Round 5, 2020 - I'm A Big Loser

    Round 4 was yet another letdown for the West Coast Eagles, so HoneyBadger35 and MrKK are tasked with unpacking the defeat, solving the AFL's legitimacy problem in an interrupted season and predicting if Round 5 will be kinder to the club. Link iTunes RSS Previous Episodes We've joined Twitter...
  3. HoneyBadger35

    Podcast Round 4, 2020 - Thank God For That Tent

    Another week, another loss for the Eagles, but is there a change of fortune on the horizon? HoneyBadger35 and Miguel Sanchez review Round 3, talk WA hubs, 60k crowds at Optus, Jack Darling's 200th game and swing the axe ahead of our Round 4 clash with Port Adelaide. Link iTunes RSS Previous...
  4. HoneyBadger35

    List Mgmt. Changes vs Port

    Out: Petch, Ah Chee, Brander In: Jones, Cameron, Williams. Allen to the forwardline, Williams to the ruck. Stop playing non forwards in the forwardline. Stop playing KPF’s on the wing. If Cameron isn’t ready, pick any old prick and stick them in the rotation. I know he’s a bit of a punchline...
  5. HoneyBadger35

    Review Positives and Negatives vs Brisbane

    + Schoey, Shep, Gaff, Nic worked their ass off - Odd season. Good sides losing often, maybe that leaves the door ajar for us. But yeah, nah, not like this Eagles. Having a crack isn’t a crime. - JK, Darling, Cripps, Ah Chee, Cripps again unsighted. Ryan the only forward worth anything and now...
  6. HoneyBadger35

    Podcast Round 3, 2020 - The Airing of Grievances

    The Eagles stumbled at the first hurdle of the season, with an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Gold Coast Suns, leaving many scratching their head. HoneyBadger35 and Miguel Sanchez figure out what went wrong and how to resolve it in Round 3. The crew also talk fans returning to the...
  7. HoneyBadger35

    Review Positives and Negatives vs Gold Coast

    Really silly loss. I expected rust, but I also expected sustained effort to overcome it. It's not derailing this early in the year, but it's certainly a big slap in the face. Hopefully it stings and they build, but I'm not holding my breath. + Oscar Allen is a gun and I love him + TK nice...
  8. HoneyBadger35

    Podcast Round 2, 2020 - Bleach Tipped Mullets

    The AFL season is finally upon us (again). As the Eagles prepare for their Round 2 clash with the Suns, HoneyBadger35 and squashface preview the action, discuss Dean Cox in the Hall of Fame, talk WA Hubs and play the very first game of West Coast Magic or West Coast Tragic. Link iTunes RSS...
  9. HoneyBadger35

    Podcast Countdown to Restart, 2020 - Vic Bias Special

    With one week left until football returns, HoneyBadger35, Miguel Sanchez and Keys take an in depth look at Victorian Bias. Is it real? Does it compromise the league's integrity? What can be done to change it? Link iTunes RSS Previous Episodes We've joined Twitter! Follow us at @WCEBFPod.
  10. HoneyBadger35

    Toast Dean Cox inducted into Hall of Fame

    290 games. 6 x AA. 2006 Premiership player. Redefined the ruck position. Onya Coxy.
  11. HoneyBadger35

    Podcast 2020 Season Returns - Sometimes You're The Pigeon...

    After a long break, the return of the 2020 AFL season is on the horizon. HoneyBadger35 and MrKK discuss the benefits of the enforced pause in action, chat Gold Coast hubs, the first block of fixtures and West Coast's handling of membership options. Link iTunes RSS Previous Episodes We've...
  12. HoneyBadger35

    Review West Coast Eagles vs Gold Coast*

    Well this is awkward. Had the 2020 season gone ahead as planned, this weekend the Eagles would be taking on the mighty Gold Coast Suns. This presents a dilemma for our classic match series, as we have never had a classic match with the Gold Coast aside from one extremely disheartening draw...
  13. HoneyBadger35

    Review West Coast Eagles vs Sydney

    West Coast and Sydney created one of the greatest rivalries in AFL history, so there's plenty of games to choose from in this week's vote. Usual drill of nominate, vote, watch - however: due to the AFL's much stricter pursuit of copyrighted finals content, the 2006 Grand Final is off limits...
  14. HoneyBadger35

    Review West Coast Eagles vs Fremantle

    Covid-19 has taken many things from us. For some, their work. For others, their health. However, worst of all, it has deprived Eagles fans the unbridled joy that comes with dashing the hopes and dreams of a team (and fanbase) that just want so badly to have something to be proud of. While the...
  15. HoneyBadger35

    Review West Coast Eagles vs Hawthorn

    Another week, another classic game. We've had some great clashes with the Hawks, and this week we're watching one. Which? That's up to you. Nominate below!
  16. HoneyBadger35

    Review West Coast Eagles vs Richmond

    Another week, another classic game. This time, it's the Eagles vs Richmond. As always, a few days for suggesting, a few days for voting, then game day. An early suggestion from me for the first ever West Coast Eagles game, Round 1 1987. Have at it.
  17. HoneyBadger35

    Banter RDT 149 - Quinz Mowing

    And they’re doing it wonderfully.
  18. HoneyBadger35

    Review West Coast Eagles vs Port Adelaide

    Your Good Friday entertainment is sorted. This week, the Eagles were set to take on Port, the Port Power, THE POWER, PORT POWER the POWER aka The Port Adelaide Football Club. Instead, we will be continuing our rewatch of classic matches, as selected by you. Usual drill, albeit on a shorter...
  19. HoneyBadger35

    Review West Coast Eagles vs Geelong

    Round 3 is upon us, and what was once Tim Kelly’s first clash with his old side has now become a chance to take a look back at an Eagles/Cats epic from seasons past. There’s plenty to choose from, including the 1992 and 1994 flags, or the famous 2006 comeback at the Cattery. If you...
  20. HoneyBadger35

    Review West Coast Eagles vs St Kilda

    GAME DAY, BITCHES. The Vote: With 35.6% of the vote - the classic Eagles/Saints match you have selected is Round 11, 2013 aka the Eric Mackenzie game. Close runners up were R15, 1990 (22.2%) and R21, 2007 (20%). The Context: The Eagles began 2013 with high expectations, but limped out of the...

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