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  1. Boomerfan99

    Skills Drop punt

    I'm 41 and have signed up for footy masters, which starts in a few weeks. I grew up playing rugby union and have never played footy before. My marking and handballing are ok But really struggling with the drop punt. Growing up playing union, my natural kick is a torp. I can a drop punt kick ok...
  2. Boomerfan99

    Home & Garden Post hole diggers

    Can anyone suggest a brand of posthole digger/auger? I had some new posts added to be retaining wall today and I paid someone a bomb to do it.
  3. Boomerfan99

    Home & Garden Weed

    Anyone know what weed this is and the best pesticide to get rid of it?
  4. Boomerfan99

    Brendon Goddard

    How will Goddard be remembered in terms of his place in AFL history? I was looking at an old thread/post from bigfooty from about 8 years ago and the poster said he will be an all time great. Not sure he will reach those heights, but his final quarter in the 2010 first GF was one of the greats.
  5. Boomerfan99

    Ben Harper

    Saw Ben Harper last night with Charlie Musselwhite. Really awesome gig.
  6. Boomerfan99

    Random Brownlow Question

    What is the lowest postion a Brownlow winner's team has finished at end of season? I know St Kilda was about 4th last in the late 80s when Tony Lockett won it. Reckon Pat Cripps has a good shot of Brownlow this year in a team that will likely finish last.
  7. Boomerfan99

    Gangs Rod Collins

    Just read he died in May. Seems a nasty piece of work. He apparently killed Condello, as well as the Hodgsons.
  8. Boomerfan99

    TV 90s Show with Carey, Hird and Dunstall

    Can anyone rememebr the title of the late 90s show that featured these three on Foxtel? Think it was called Rooboy, Jimmy and Pig? Or words to that effect.
  9. Boomerfan99

    Opinion North Talk

    Just got onto this podcast through Spotify. Really enjoying it with some good contributors (Tim Rogers, Stevo).
  10. Boomerfan99

    TV Unsolved

    Has anyone been watching this (the investigations on the murders of Tupac and Biggie Smalls)? Really good tv.
  11. Boomerfan99

    Home & Garden Black Boy Plants

    All. I have a black boy plant in my garden that looks to be dying. My understanding is that you can't move them without council approval. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?
  12. Boomerfan99

    Autopsy Top 5 North Players

    Given I am bored in the off-season I thought I would list the top 5 on our list. Would like to see others opinions In no particular order Brown Higgins Cunnington Tarrant MacDonald HM: Marley Williams
  13. Boomerfan99

    Preview Who's everyone supporting in finals?

    I'm thinking one of Crows Eagles or Port. Still hate crows from 98 but love the way they play. Hate the eagles but would be a great way for Drew to go out. And Port cause Robbie Gray is my fav non-north player. Wouldn't mind GWS either. Especially if Josh achieves success and more finds...
  14. Boomerfan99

    Autopsy When did rovers become extinct?

    When I started watching AFL in early 90s, every team had a rover. Now that term is barley used anymore and you don't tend to have a little guy in the midfield. Question for you blokes, is when did the rovers disappear? Also don't hear the term ruck rover any more.
  15. Boomerfan99

    Preview Banter Thread vs. The Dawks

    All in. How many king hits will Good Bloke Hodge put on for his last game against us?
  16. Boomerfan99

    Mac Pro dead

    All My mac pro died tonight. I tried starting numerous times with no luck and I put the power cable in but no light at all. I followed Apples instructions for resetting the SMC with no luck. Anyone got any ideas? Would the Apple shop guys be able to help?
  17. Boomerfan99

    Most Hated Clubs

    From most hated to least hated: 1. Dawks 2. Bummers DAYLIGHT 3. Dogs 4. Crows 5. Tigers 6. Swans 7. West Coke 8. Dees 9. Freo 10. Cats 11. Pies 12. GWS 13. Blues 14. Gold Coast 15. Saints 16. Power 17. Lions
  18. Boomerfan99

    Wayne Schwass

    I was watching that 1993 video against Bombers posted on another thread and noticed what a gun he is. Can someone whose watched a lot more of him let me know if he was a Dangerfield/Judd type player where he would burst out of picks with long kicks into Duck and Longmire in the forward 50?
  19. Boomerfan99

    Tertiary and Continuing Kaplan

    Guys I am looking at doing a grad certificate at Kaplan. I haven't had found any reviews on them, so has anyone got any experiences - good or bad?
  20. Boomerfan99

    Opinion Top 10 Most Valuable Players

    In no particular order: Goldy Wellsy Boomer Taz Jack Cunners Higgo Waitey JMac Spitta HM: Spud, LT, Big Ben Brown

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