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  1. Coldacre

    the ‘93 shootout

    watching the 1993 shootout against Geelong right now. don’t know why I haven’t noticed this before but.... Gary Ablett's sole opponent for the first 53 minutes of the game is Derek Kickett. that’s right; Kickett is playing at full back. he gets absolutely slaughtered. mostly by Ablett, but a...
  2. Coldacre

    Club Song - 1970's

  3. Coldacre

    last training session @ Windy hill - Friday 30.8.13

    open training sesh this Friday morning at 9:30am. I've asked the boss and I'm able to duck away for an hour. get down there!! pull a sickie!!! this is it guys, last time at Windy Hill. :(
  4. Coldacre

    leaving Windy Hill

    makes me feel sick in the stomach. I'm quite disturbed by the lack of empathy from most supporters on the forum. of course its not up to scratch as a training facility. and I'm not completely convinced that if we put our nose to the grindstone, we could upgrade the ground to a worthy training...
  5. Coldacre

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - "I'm With You" 2011

    decided to download the new Chili's album; was expecting to listen through once and delete the file (which is what I've done with every album since Californication) - well holy smokes, its a damn fine album! John's out, new guitarist Josh is in and he does an awesome job. he's got big shoes to...
  6. Coldacre

    Can anybody date this Bombers patch?

    been going through old stuff, finding footy records & newspapers from 84, 85; scarves from 93 etc found an old patch that I would have acquired in the mid 80's as a youngster..... can anybody remember back to what year this was? got it from a mate's father so it could be anything from 60's/70's
  7. Coldacre

    Toast Congratulations Dyson Heppell: 2011 AFL Rising Star

    don't wanna put the moz on him, only game number 5 I know. but he was marvelous today. he's got the smarts and the guts. had we won today he would have been a shoe-in for the Anzac medal. I see great things for this young man. :)

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