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  1. Bumpswithagrin

    Davis Cup 2020

    The team has been announced for Adelaide; Nick, ADM, Millman, Thommo and Ducky. No Peers :think: Discuss.
  2. Bumpswithagrin

    Suggestion Image Upload Size

    I can't seem to upload a photo from when using BF on my phone :huh:. It says the file is too big but I have no way of making it smaller on my phone. (iPhone6)
  3. Bumpswithagrin

    News Congratulations! Another boy for Hodgey!

    This just came up on my FB feed, Hodgey and Mrs Hodgey have another boy, Leo Clifford :)
  4. Bumpswithagrin

    Universal Love A poetic salute to Alastair Clarkson

    Something nice about Clarko for once :)
  5. Bumpswithagrin

    Footy Flashbacks today, 2013 Prelim v Geelong!

    Just noticed the Footy Flashbacks today on channel 7 at 1pm is the 2013 Prelim Final.
  6. Bumpswithagrin

    Mobile site only on desktop

    Why can I only get the mobile layout on my desktop? Just happened when I logged in today. I'm also not able to access my watched threads list.
  7. Bumpswithagrin

    News 2014 VFL Fixture

    I see the 2014 VFL fixture is out. A cursory glance tells me we have fared much better this year as regards clashes with Hawthorn home games, I can only find one Box Hill home game that clashes with a Hawthorn home game; Saturday May 3 versus Frankston (Hawthorn play St Kilda at the MCG on that...
  8. Bumpswithagrin

    Col Austen Trophy 2013 - Kyle Cheney the winner

    Didn't see this posted anywhere else but Box Hill had their B&F last night and Kyle Cheney won the Col Austen Trophy with 62 votes from David Mirra on 54 votes. Mitch Hallahan won the Most Consistent Player award. Jordan Kelly won Most Courageous player. Daniel Pratt also announced his...

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