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  1. The Y Factor

    2020 NMFC Membership thread

    If there were 1725 others interested I would,\just a basic membership. I'd love to see 40K for this tough year.
  2. The Y Factor

    Player Watch #32: Mason Wood -

    Crocker already? the list isnt miles off, mine might be similar but split over two years - still hope Ahern , Mckay and Murphy could get a better run at it but times not on their side . Don't like Macdonald on the list but I get it
  3. The Y Factor

    2020 Scratch Matches

    Thanks mate - much appreciated by all I'm certain!! Can't believe Hosie has fallen in a hole - on the verge last year. bailey and JMac might be ins with Cunners with luck if that's the case! Out - Atley and Ahern?
  4. The Y Factor

    Autopsy post mortem v hawks

    Well, I'm glad I waited to post until this morning after reading all that!! Brutal. I was so frustrated last night I couldn't even read this crap. Frustrated because with a total of 5 mins in the first and 10 in the last, we could have won and had the commentary loving our youth and style of...
  5. The Y Factor

    Player Watch #9: Luke Davies-Uniacke - “Expected back in training with the main group this week” - B. Rawlings

    Exactly, the backline was pounded last night as the midfield struggled to click. It was like a pinball machine down there at times, no chance for backs to look slick under that much pressure. I thought they pretty good considering we had some changes down there as well.
  6. The Y Factor

    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    That's Ethnicity. Although I imagine Brazil has several races and many more ethinic groups. Mongoloid(Asian), Negroid(Black), Caucasian(White) and god knows how many miniorty ethic minoties etc.
  7. The Y Factor

    Player Watch #34: Jamie Macmillan - dropped vs Hawthorn

    I do feel as though its a tad harsh as well. TBH, I think our defence as a group has been pretty great for a good run of games now including last year. Especially with injury and suspension meaning its turned over a bit. My take on Jamie's omission is that Ryce has given him a clear role or...
  8. The Y Factor

    Player Watch #34: Jamie Macmillan - dropped vs Hawthorn

    The posting generally has been knee jerk rubbish that has been a waste of time reading. Typical big footy really but border line bi-polar this week.
  9. The Y Factor

    Player Watch #10: Ben Cunnington - 2019 Syd Barker Medallist

    We have good options inside
  10. The Y Factor

    2020 Scratch Matches

    To his credit, he helped make it possible to play a match. Good on him , many wouldn't put their hand up. I thank him for not being precious
  11. The Y Factor

    2020 Scratch Matches

    Well - it’s happening or happened
  12. The Y Factor

    2020 Scratch Matches

  13. The Y Factor

    2020 Scratch Matches

    So did it, or did it not happen? I just posted this in the media thread assuming it wasa correct? Am I confused?
  14. The Y Factor

    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

  15. The Y Factor

    List Mgmt. Ben Amarfio - officially announced as our CEO - Welcome Ben

    Surely one of the best group of coloured players in the league! Amazing group with lots of upside still.
  16. The Y Factor

    Player Watch #32: Mason Wood -

    Also, why do people want to bag our own players? Its so Richmond.
  17. The Y Factor

    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    That's certainly how i'm feeling at the moment:)
  18. The Y Factor

    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    This is correct, we’ll be paying good money to keep our team together My opinion is that if anyone we have approached becomes available- they need to approach ask and announce us as a preferred destination They’re all good talent but no chasing twice and no paying overs If Josh wants to come...
  19. The Y Factor

    Player Watch #15: Paul Ahern

    Well, nobody really picked this. Very hard to pick the ins and out these days which is music to everyone's ears, knowing its merit based with seemingly no automatic selections. I would have put money on Marley ahead of Pauly in defence, so is that where he's headed? Maybe confident with Luke...
  20. The Y Factor

    Resource Contracts [latest update: Goldstein --> 2022, Higgins --> 2021]

    There are so many unknowns. There were some articles recently saying North, due to its high number of OOC players and cap space are best placed to snare any players that refuse to take pay cuts if the players are forced to take significant cuts inline with lost advertising/ crowd revenue. I...

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