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  1. TommyVercetti

    Good Friday 2020

    It's all off field: - It guarantees the club a Friday game - The weekend's game had just had a crowd of 50K which will probably be the highest for the next couple of years - Guarantees a game on FTA - Is a good look for the club from a PR perspective to be tied to the RCH - If given time to...
  2. TommyVercetti

    Autopsy Autopsy: North Melbourne vs Fremantle: Round 1, 2019 - 82 point L (59-141) (No opposition posters)

    Why do we constantly have to lose round 1 FFS? Every. Single. Year.
  3. TommyVercetti

    No Oppo Supporters NMFC 2019 Membership Thread

    Just opened mine. A little disappointed, just 1 sticker, the lanyard is meh at best, no magnetic fixture, and no plastic lanyard holder.
  4. TommyVercetti

    News NMFC AFLW 2019

    So if this team makes the Grand Final, where would it be played?
  5. TommyVercetti

    North Melbourne's struggle in attracting elite or A grade players

    I don't think it's the Tassie factor, yes we play 3 games a year there but Hawthorn managed to land a number of players while playing 4 in Tasmania.
  6. TommyVercetti

    List Mgmt. 2018 Trade, Free Agency & Draft Thread MK 3 [JP✔️ JPII✔️ Hall✔️ BScott✔️ Tyson✔️ Clarke➡️ Preuss➡️]

    After Dusty last year I'm still very nervous that Gaff will actually come. But regardless it's existing to think that in the next couple of weeks the club will have its best trade period since the '70s.
  7. TommyVercetti

    Game Day NORTH VS BEARS (LIONS) Round 11 2018

    How ruthless is this team? Let's find out!
  8. TommyVercetti

    Autopsy vs Fremantle

    Sitting 5th Ben Brown number one in the Coleman A win in WA
  9. TommyVercetti

    News NMFC AFLW 2019

    Our AFL team has lacked top ten picks over the years. I guess it's no different. Geelong with 1 and 2, and 5 of the first 15. Somethings never change.
  10. TommyVercetti

    Opinion Commentary & Media II

    West Coast Eagles and North Melbourne turn things around to be 2018's early surprise packets Flying Kangaroos ground opposition scorers As for the Kangaroos, they were well out of...
  11. TommyVercetti

    Player Watch #4: Shaun Higgins - extends North contract until end 2021

    He's 29 and has a history of injuries. Although he's had a good run since joining us that can always go south quickly. Remember Boomer was on one year deals for the better part of a decade.
  12. TommyVercetti

    Past #29: Brent Harvey - officially retires from the AFL after 432 games for NM - thank you Boomer

    Attended a lunch on Sunday before the game as a farewell to Boomer. As usual he spoke very professionally and was very generous with his time. He mentioned a couple of interesting things: - He said he occasionally sees Carey in the commentary box when Boomer does comments for ABC and Carey...
  13. TommyVercetti

    Tix to the Arden St game?

    Got 3 tickets will be in section GA0005. Whatever that means.
  14. TommyVercetti

    2017 Milestones

    It's Good Friday, so I'm sure the umps will crucify him.
  15. TommyVercetti

    AFL Purchase Etihad Stadium

    The 2015 A-League GF was held at AAMI Park because their was already a game scheduled at Etihad - Dogs and Fremantle which got 18K what happens now if we're scheduled to have a home game against GWS?? My guess is with Ballarat ready to go we'd be forced to change venues.
  16. TommyVercetti

    Pre-Finals Bye Round

    First team to make a preliminary final from 8th I'd say it worked out well.
  17. TommyVercetti

    Mega Thread Farewell our Champs - Boomer, Drew, Spud & NDS all gone at season's end

    Boomer would never give it up on his own. Even if he did an ACL he would back himself in. This is a better way to go out then having a career ending injury in Perth against West Coast.

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