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  1. HongKongRoo

    Prediction NMFC Rising Star 2019

    We have some rare talent this year and with LDU being held back last year he is still eligible to win it. We don't get a lot of nominations but I reckon from this field we might get a few this year. Thoughts?
  2. HongKongRoo

    NMFC VFL and the WEB

    Just wondered if anyone in the inner scrotum can answer this. On the website there is a link to the North AFLW page but no link to the VFL team. I'm hoping we can get the VFL team info up somewhere on the NMFC site. It would be great to have the fixture, player profiles, reports etc... all on...
  3. HongKongRoo

    Opinion If Boomer was still on the list

    So most of us (me included) had a bit of a sook and a spit when they delisted Boomer. I, like many others, thought he could probably go on for another year playing as a small forward with a pinch-hit in the middle every now and again. Having been through the trade period, the draft and the...
  4. HongKongRoo

    Prediction Who will sniper Lewis target?

    Well he does love going to tribunal after North games. Goldy is obviously his favourite target, who else do you think the sniper will target? 10 pts for every correct prediction. Lewis must make illegal contact to count as a hit. Winner gets massive bigfooty kudos
  5. HongKongRoo

    Roast The O'Laughlin/Goodes Medal?

    not taking anything away from these champions of the game but we have a few legends of our own such as jimmy and phil krakouer were getting a helluva lot more than a few boos while playing superb footy. They couldn't find space on the medal for a nmfc indigenous player? "The best on ground will...
  6. HongKongRoo

    Dear Mr Hodge and Mr Lewis (CC Mr Clarkson)

    I work with some under 8 and under 10 Auskick players, new to AFL. What should I be teaching them? What should I be telling them about the spirit and the ideals of the game? Are you the leaders of the best club in the land? Are you the champions everyone should be aspiring to? Well done Mr...
  7. HongKongRoo

    Autopsy What we learnt from week 1 NAB 2015 (or the Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

    Didn't see all the games and certainly one game does not give much reliable data but it's always a bigfooty truism to draw long projections based on limited knowledge. Some are more insightful than others. For mine The Good. Very happy with the recruitment of Waite and Higgins at North. The...
  8. HongKongRoo

    Sorry Shaun Mc

    With McKernan looking for a way back to Melbourne it seems that we have enough tall forwards developing or knocking on the door. I can't see any way for Shaun to get to North. I am a realist but the memories of an older brother destroying the opposition are still dear to me. Anyone think...
  9. HongKongRoo


    Anyone notice how in the last 10 years or so whenever there is a presser which includes the word "confidence" from the club, we end up being humiliated on the field? I thought we might have had a sneaky chance this week against the cats until I saw the "C" word from the club. Money is on the...
  10. HongKongRoo

    Tackling coach.

    Forget Primus or Ratten, we need to get one of the tackling coaches from Rugby, the number of missed tackles was the biggest difference today and gave the eagles the confidence to simply run through us. It's not just body size or maturity, it's a lack of basic technique.
  11. HongKongRoo

    Best Joke i've heard all year...

    Cloke worth a million dollars a year :p
  12. HongKongRoo

    Leadership at North

    Now that we have spitta as the new captain it got me thinking about the number of captains we have drafted. Wasn't spitta captain of WA at junior level? I thought Patch, Basti and Ziebelle were junior captains as well, not to mention Gibson. It seems in the last few years we have recruited more...
  13. HongKongRoo

    Who would want a Krakouer back in Arden St?

    We know that the next two drafts have been compromised and that will have a flow on effect for a couple of years with clubs being compensated. We also know that we are in need of some speedy outside finishers. Would anyone here be interested in adding Andrew Krakouer to our list? It's...
  14. HongKongRoo

    Overseas Roos

    I know the AFL has been clamping down on illegal internet streams of our games however I'm not sure how we are expected to support them from os. I am a paid up member. I used to pay for the bigpond service which was mostly reliable but now they have put a block on that content in Hong Kong. I...
  15. HongKongRoo

    Spirit of Arch starting to show

    One thing I noticed against the weagles was a number of Arch-like spoils coming out of the backline. The way they launched themselves at the ball and absolutely killed the contest seems to be something they didn't do as effectively in the last few years. I didn't see much of the first two...
  16. HongKongRoo

    Bon's Selection Policy

    In the Laidley era there seemed to be bewildering inconsistencies in the selection policies. Statistics or performances notwithstanding there was a clear ranking system where some people were impervious to the axe while others were given one game and dropped. He admitted himself that he left...
  17. HongKongRoo

    Spud best possie?

    There has been some debate on here over where Firrito should be played. Does anyone remember the first 10 minutes against the tigers this year before he got injured, I thought he was as good as anyone, bullocking through the centre and delivering into the forward line. If he hadn't of been...
  18. HongKongRoo

    How about Woewodin for Coach

    I haven't heard his name thrown around yet but I think this is someone who could bring a lot to the club. An excellent trainer, good profile and some coaching experience I think he would add something to our club either as an assistant or senior coach. I certainly think he would help to...
  19. HongKongRoo

    Reflections on 2009 or Whatthehelljusthappened?

    I've tried not to post too many knee jerk reactions to our horrendous start to the year so let's just say this is a sober look at what has been pretty bad. The umpiring on Friday night didn't help either but i'll leave that for another thread. Apparently there were different rules for North...
  20. HongKongRoo

    Playing Unfit Players

    I know many AFL players play with niggling injuries of some sort or another but I really think it's one of the areas where we seemed to push it a little too far in the past, playing players who can barely walk etc... Hale was rubbish today and apparently has been in bed for a week and a half...

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