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  1. TAITA

    Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies Shane Martin - TOP BLOKE. Bring him back - I played footy with this fella for a couple of years and he's a ******* shitload better bloke than that gormless ******* Dutton could ever wish to be even if he was a human, hitman or...
  2. TAITA


    The four tenets of our armed forces, that have driven us to become great warriors in the theatre of war. Of what we aspire. As we approach 50 years of this very momentous and honorable battle, unfortunately the Federal government could not be rooted finding spare change to turn this into a...
  3. TAITA

    Prediction Nail ye colors to the mast 'ere lads and ladettes

    Another guaranteed finals appearance banked, five weeks from the beginning of the first dance and some of us are certain we are on track to fulfill our destiny as the greatest side to play footy. Others are sceptical, taking into account the loss of a champion in Roughy and a lack of depth of...
  4. TAITA

    Game Day Swill

    Be at the London from 5:30 for anyone interested in some serious pre game analysis. I will be the bloke behind those blokes seriously smashing pints.
  5. TAITA

    The AWESOME thread with serious Youtube happy days

    It's GF week and we are in the big dance bros and sisses - we can do the analysis out our ears, ponder the unponderables, speak the unspoken, possible the unpossible or just enjoy the enjoyable. Unless you are Clarko or one of his merry men our influence is no longer having any bearing - the...
  6. TAITA

    One for all...all for one

    There was a time when Dr Ferguson said to all...if you embrace Hawthorn, Hawthorn will embrace you. This is the time.
  7. TAITA

    The red mist - what's your limit?

    Disappointing, but far from out of the blue that we read about a supporter, supposedly Hawthorn, hanging one on a Carlton supporter after the game and causing serious injury to the gent - a 12 month ban ensues. What do you reckon is in the tent, and what is outside the tent? As a player...
  8. TAITA

    Toast The Brendan Whitecross Appreciation Thread - He's back in town!

    Swiss has been massive for us this year, so, so important - so to see him subbed off with a suspected ACL was devastating to the team, us as supporters and most importantly, must of been just gutting to the man himself. 99% of blokes would be that shattered that they would be inconsolable -...
  9. TAITA

    Well played Guys

    Couldn't find a thread on your board nor ours where we had a chance to say well played to each other - great match, so intense - and I seriously look forward to playing you guys again in the finals.
  10. TAITA

    Opinion Challenge - who is up to the Hawks?

    Be rooted if I can think of any worthy of the challenge..........
  11. TAITA

    Channel 7 - what a bunch of ferkin twerps

    That is all. Although I did think bringing in the psychologist for comment on Clarko being pissed off was a new low. You guys are f-athetic
  12. TAITA

    How will you, and history, remember Chris Judd?

    Long in decline now, a shadow of the WCE behemoth that ruled the competition for a couple of seasons - what are your memories of former WCE Brownlow Medalist, former WCE defacto Premiership Captain and Carlton Thug and flog - Chris Judd. Bonus points if you can remember any...
  13. TAITA

    TV Is Caro channeling Judge Judy?

    What's the go there FFS?
  14. TAITA

    Roast What's the go with the aliases?

    Been a bit of flog action over the last few weeks with posters incapable of mounting a decent argument by themselves logging in and out to 'back themselves up' with aliases. Such activity could be expected on the Bay by the jetsam and flotsam posters short of chromosomes, but here it's just...
  15. TAITA

    Random Great burns of Big Footy

    Love a thorough smackdown? A post so intelligent/researched/devilish that it immediately reduces the recipient to a blubbering piece of jelly, clambering for a new username to hide their shame? I certainly do - and like a good joke, they should be shared.....and stored in a hall of...
  16. TAITA

    Uniquely Australian

    A thread to celebrate the trivial stuff that is us, be it a term, event or tradition - anything actually. So, I'm in the garden today uprooting all the stuff I planted 6 years ago (yeah, I know) and after the shock of paying for the first trailer load to the tip, load up again. I thinks to...
  17. TAITA

    Why do you think Roughnut is the CHB?

    You heard me - it seems the entire Hawthorn BF board has accepted that the big Ranga is bound for CHB. I am perplexed to say the least. Why send a potential asset of an area that needs boosting to an area that does not? Cloke, Dawes, Hawkins, Pods are all ineffective when they don't...
  18. TAITA

    Stephen Smith and Malcolm Turnbull.....

    ....should be leading their respective parties. Whilst the 'leader' role is one of having the popularity to lead your party to government as opposed to leading your party, we will continue to suffer fools like the 'Gillard and Abbott' show - give me people like Turnbull and Smith who have the...
  19. TAITA

    Man up Hawks supporters

    Here's the deal - not one player left a single thing on the park tonight, you have great reason to be very, very proud of every single bloke who represented our club with class, endeavor and distinction. We weren't good enough on the night - and you can come up with a million reasons why, I...
  20. TAITA

    The Final Word

    Imagine, if you can, that you have the final words to the lads before they go into battle tomorrow - what would you say to get them to climb the penultimate mountain? I'd start off with "Gather round boys....." "I've given you all a texta - I want you all to grab the arm on the non-preferred...

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