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  1. shewho

    List Mgmt. What Happens To Our Young Players If We Are Not in the SANFL in 2020

    The SANFL are looking at an 8 team comp. That means no SANFL for our developing players. What do they do? 1.Nothing? Just train? 2.Scratch matches against the Cows and whoever else is in the same boat (subject to interstate travel restrictions)? 3. Join the VFL for one year? 4. Join the amateur...
  2. shewho

    Strategy Who Do You Select In Port’s Hub Squad? (Pick 6 to complete the squad)

    It seems likely clubs will be required to take limited players to their hubs- probably 30 to 32 players. There are plenty of certainties: Jonas, Powell-Pepper, Burton, Marshall, Houston, Motlop, Ebert, Hartlett, Gray, Boak, Rockliff, Amon, Wines, Clurey, Butters, Georgiades, Rozee, Duursma...
  3. shewho


    Three hubs of 6 teams won’t work or at least wont work well. That gets you 5 games with teams then having to swap hubs. Inevitably, when Hub II starts, whatever way you do the draw, teams will have already played others in their hub. Hub I works for 5 games, but Hub II doesn’t. You are better...
  4. shewho

    A Trophy for Port Adelaide Football Club in our 150th?

    I’ve looked at the AFL Competition regulations to see what happens if the season is called off. I found this: “28. 28.1 Dr. William. C. McClelland Trophy Name & Award The name of the perpetual trophy to be awarded to the Club that finishes in first position on Final Premiership Ladder at the...
  5. shewho

    Analysis Champion Data Prospectus 2020- Port Adelaide

    Got my copy of the 2020 CD Prospectus today. A couple of observations pertinent to Port- Port were the best side when it came to forward half differential Port had equal best clearance differential at around the ground stoppages Port had the best clearance differential at centre bounces Port...
  6. shewho

    Toast Vale Mark Griffin

    Sad news for the club with the passing of Mark Griffin QC who has lead our Tribunal team for most of the period since lawyers were allowed into the AFL Tribunal in 2005. The club will mark his passing by wearing black armbands in R2 v Adelaide (the Prison Bar Showdown). Marks’s son, Matthew...
  7. shewho

    List Mgmt. Welcome to Port Adelaide Trent Burgoyne

    Unless I’m very much mistake, we have our first father/son rookie. Whilst it gets confirmed tomorrow, tonight’s events mean Trent is now a Port Adelaide player like his dad and grandfather.
  8. shewho

    Strategy The Demise of the Key Defender?

    Us shopping Dougal when our recruiters told us at the Member's Convention that there are few key position players coming through the system can mean one of two things- 1. We have another key defender/swingman we are likely to get; or 2. We think Clurey, Jonas, Watts, Burton, Westhoff, Lienert...
  9. shewho

    Strategy Your Club's Draft Needs

    State what your club needs to do with (a) it’s first pick and (b) what its main needs are from the rest of the draft. Port First Pick- #10 Speedy Midfielder or Forward/Midfielder Later Picks- Small Forward, Key Position Player
  10. shewho

    Toast Cam Sutcliffe

    Surprised there’s no thread for Cam. Watched where the game was won (3rd quarter) v Essendon and it was Sutcliffe and Rozee who stood out. Now I know that as far as footballers go, he’s about as fashionable and sexy as your oldest undies, but in a team whose greatest weakness is kicking inside...
  11. shewho

    Which Debutant Will Play The Most In 2019?

    14 players on our list are yet to debut. Pick the 3 you think will debut and play the most games. I've gone: 1. Rozee 2. Duursma 3. Woodcock
  12. shewho

    Strategy Draft 2018 - rookie picks

    Have I got this right? We currently have 35 + 2 rookies (Lienert, Ladhams) and have committed to re re-rookieing Hewett. Meaning we will have: #5 #10 #15 #Late #Very late Rookie #9 Rookie #27 (Hewett) Category B (hopefully) Pudney Fredericks If so, Mods, let's have a thread for the...
  13. shewho

    Strategy Who Should Play On The Wings 2019

    We've lost Polec and Wingard. New rules mean 2 out of 6 midfielders have to start on the wings and the kick in can go much further down the field if done correctly. I could see McKenzie or Lienert launching it to the wings under the new rules. So, who should play on the wings in 2019? You have...
  14. shewho

    2018- What Went Wrong

    Port’s season ended for me when McGovern took an uncontested Mark inside 50 with seconds to go. I didn’t watch Collingwood- had a lunch that I would’ve moved if... The final flurry of false hope may still occur but this season is now out of our hands and dead. So what went wrong? Everything...
  15. shewho

    Roast Do Not Watch Channel 7 This Sunday

    3 reasons not to watch the game on 7 this Sunday- 1. An almost 3 hour delay 2. Biased reporting of the SPP incident- whatever the outcome 3. Elspeth Hussey The only valid protest of these things is to hit em where it hurts- ratings. After all, that's all they care about. So watch it on Fox...
  16. shewho

    Analysis Who Is The Barometer?

    This may be oversimplistic, but if we had have beaten Geelong last year, we would have finished second. If Dixon had heard the call of "10 secs" from the ump and kicked the goal, we probably get to a GF. The way our year ended and when it ended, really hid how close we were to a top 2 finish...
  17. shewho

    Analysis Left Footers

    We added 5 left footers to our list (McKenzie, Farrell, Garner, Barry and Thomas) and now have 13 - the new 5 - Amon - Wingard - Polec - Pittard - Hombsch - Ladhams - Lienert - Bonner This would have to be a record for us and among the most in any squad.
  18. shewho

    List Mgmt. Should We Add A Mature Age Ruckman To Our List?

    At the time of this poll we have Ryder, Frampton and Ladhams* as our real ruckmen with possible support from Westhoff, Howard, Dixon and Watts. Opinion seems divided as to whether this is all that we need in the Post-Richmond (use Grigg or Rioli) era, with some suggesting a "break-glass"...
  19. shewho

    Strategy Forward Set Up 2018

    It's clear our forward set up last year was the main line that let us down in 2017. We were great for locking the ball in, we had plenty of forward entries but we didn't convert our Inside 50s. Our accuracy was average too. We have aggressively recruited to bolster the forward line. Motlop...
  20. shewho

    Opinion End The Negativity

    I am sick of opening a thread and reading pages and pages of people posting that (a) Ken can't coach, (b) our players are lost causes, (c) the club is doomed until major changes are made and (d) we don't develop players like everyone else. This club lies on the cusp of a flag. Until 25 seconds...

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