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  1. Loyal Lion

    Opinion Robbo Top 50

    I think that Robbo has NO IDEA. Oh & I also think that Lewy Taylor is better than the Bont.
  2. Loyal Lion

    Reduced Melbourne games in 2020

    It's interesting looking at the non-merged, non-relocated interstate clubs. Adelaide have 4 + 1 games in Melbourne + Geelong. WCE have 5 + 1, Freo have 4 + 1, GC have 4 + 1 & Port have 5 games in Melbourne & don't go to Geelong. So yep, being a merged Melbourne club has no relevance or...
  3. Loyal Lion

    Have Carlton become the new Norf?

    Just wondering. Have Carlton morfed into Norf this trade period? They talked the talk, pumped up their chests, "We are Carlton da da da". Chased the big names & ended up with a couple of VFL players. SOS didn't exactly cover himself in glory did he? Couldn't land a single targetted player...
  4. Loyal Lion

    2019 Trade thread

    Maybe we could winkle Ollie Wines out of Port Power for a future 1st rounder? Or even Robbie Gray might be a surprise for us!
  5. Loyal Lion

    Contracted Joe Daniher [requested a trade to Sydney - didn't get there]

    There is a bit of Daniher history between these two clubs. Remember when a good young player in Terry, left Sth Melbourne to go to Essendon in 1978. Part of the Neville Fields trade I think. Was baffling to see Sth give up such a promising player at the time. I can't see the Bombers...
  6. Loyal Lion

    2019 Trade thread

    This is very very strange! Talking about possible trades, at the end of the H & A season & we're gonna play in the finals!
  7. Loyal Lion

    2019 Trade thread

    This is on Mason Wood's Wiki page: At the end of the 2019 season, Mason Wood requested a trade to the Sydney Swans.
  8. Loyal Lion

    AFL Corruption

    Yes & I think that it gets back to having the right people at the club ie Swann, Noble, Fagan & building that culture where the players want to be there. It's been a very impressive turnaround since the "Go Home 5" period. Yeo was the big one that hurts a lot still! He is an out & out gun.
  9. Loyal Lion

    AFL Corruption

    You probably dodged a bullet by not getting Cogs. I get a bit concerned when one player is touted as receiving that much money. Sort of hinders your salary cap for years for future signings. You can grab Lewy Taylor from us for half the price. He would fit in very well in your team in the...
  10. Loyal Lion

    2019 Trade thread

    No surprise there.
  11. Loyal Lion

    2019 Trade thread

    Maybe we should try to lure Josh Kennedy away from the Eagles! Out of left field I know, but he would be great for a couple of years with us.
  12. Loyal Lion

    Play Nice Geelong home final at GHMBA Stadium, is this an unfair advantage?

    I think that it's an injustice that the 2004 Preliminary Final: Brisbane v Geelong, wasn't played at Kardinia Park. Who cares if we were the home team. See this injustice of forcing Geelong to play Preliminary Finals at the MCG has been going on for years! Wouldn't happen if Bobby Davis was...
  13. Loyal Lion

    Play Nice Geelong home final at GHMBA Stadium, is this an unfair advantage?

    So if Brisbane plays a Preliminary Final against Geelong in Victoria, will it be at the MCG or Geelong? The AFL may decide to schedule it down at Geelong, especially as there will be another Preliminary Final in Melbourne. Or have the AFL categorically ruled out finals in Geelong this year?
  14. Loyal Lion

    Unofficial Preview Qualifying Final, Saturday 7th September 2019, 7.25pm. v Tigers @ Gabba.

    And what are the chances that if we play the Preliminary Final in Victoria against Geelong, that it will be scheduled for Cat Park instead of the MCG? The AFL may just schedule the game there, because of Scott's constant whining & bleating!
  15. Loyal Lion

    Round 23 - Pick the upset

    Not sure what would be a bigger upset, Carlton knocking off Geelomg or Hawthorn knocking off West Coast?
  16. Loyal Lion

    Preview RND 23- Carlton v Geelong Saturday 24th August 4.35PM @ GMHBA - Team Post #242

    Don't know about a 3 peat this time around. But if we were playing Richmond in the Grand Final this year, I would guess that you would rather see us beat the Tigers?
  17. Loyal Lion

    Preview RND 23- Carlton v Geelong Saturday 24th August 4.35PM @ GMHBA - Team Post #242

    Would be great to see you guys beat Geelong this week. Would lock in a home final for us in the 1st week. Would love to play Richmond up at the Gabba. Amazing to think that Carlton is the last team to beat us 9 weeks ago. You gave us a real good reality check that day! Go Blues for...
  18. Loyal Lion

    List Mgmt. Dan McStays 3 yr deal

    Oh the Mug! Friends & I used to call him Fitzroy's secret weapon. Bring him on for a few minutes & he'd make an impact, sometimes good, sometimes not! McStay is a much better mark & a better player than the Mug though. He just needs more confidence in his kicking.
  19. Loyal Lion

    Review Round 7, 2019 - Brisbane Lions vs. Sydney

    Roos's commentary last night was one of the most biased ever....biased for the Swans & biased against the Lions. He was pathetic. Especially after that free to Robbo. I did have a bit of contact with Roos a few years ago (True story. He actually sent me a text at 7am, the morning after the...
  20. Loyal Lion

    Opinion Who should be the North coach?

    Geez Brisbane didn't muck around in sacking Voss in his 5th year in 2013. He made the finals in his 1st year in 2009. Albeit they stuffed up again appointing Leppa as the next coach. As a neutral supporter, I am surprised that Brad Scott has lasted for 10 years. That is a long time for a...

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