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    Rumour Pies Ins & Outs - Save the discussion for Trade Thread

    I like the trade thread but don't have time to keep up with the nearly 10,000 posts that are in the 2nd trade thread (& however many were in part 1) so would like those who hear something from a source or in the media to post it here please. As thread title says, please save discussion for trade...
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    Another instance of poor journalism

    Had to laugh that they couldn't even get the title right in attached (screenshot of error in case they fix it up in link)
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    Unofficial Preview Changes vs Freo: Cloke, Brown and Aish in, team in OP

    [***Mod edit: team added to OP***] (Note club website error re Cloke out!) COLLINGWOOD TEAM IN: James Aish, Nathan Brown, Travis Cloke OUT: Jarrod Witts (omit.), Ben Crocker (knee), Travis Cloke (omit.) B: Jonathon Marsh, Nathan Brown, Jeremy Howe HB: Marley Williams, Ben Reid, Ben Sinclair...
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    Prediction Changes vs Melb with poll

    Be honest, none of us have actually read all 328 (& counting) posts in the changes thread for this week's game, so I thought I'd try something new with a poll so that we can see quickly a majority view. To keep it reasonably simple I've included the guys who had low disposal counts in last game...
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    Prediction 2016 CFC Membership

    After 2 years of promising starts, followed by poor finishes I think a new category of membership could be introduced next year. An 11 game, 1st half of the season membership comes with no money back guarantee of eight wins.
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    News Collingwood Players 2015 Info

    Thought it would be good to have player info on fitness & injury from preseason to September in accessible format, getting my inspiration from Bay Pie 's thread on contract status: Hopefully no more having to wonder...
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    Review Game Summary? Pies vs Eagles

    Didn't get to see the game so after a summary from rational supporters who did. I was surprised there were so many high possession players and so many Eagles scored multiple goals 1. Who did Caff tag? 2. Was Tooves on Darling? 3. Who did Williams play on? 4. Read in different thread that...

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