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  1. PastiesPeake

    Mobile platform

    Your mobile platform's a joke, fix it
  2. PastiesPeake

    Other WSL 2017

    Owen Wright with a win for the ages at the second worst stop on tour. Really hate Snapper, has it ever been pumping during a contest? Onto Margs next, with a bit of luck there will be a few heats at the box.
  3. PastiesPeake

    Roast Am I the only one who thinks Hurn needs to find some form?

    Why aren't we talking about Shannon's dreadful form over the past 18 months? Needed to step up last week and went to ground (literally) again. New drinking game - take a sip (do not skull or you will die) every time the captain goes to ground or doesn't stick a tackle.
  4. PastiesPeake

    Video Friday Front Bar

    Best footy show on the web for mine. Surprised there is not a thread on this already. It is amazing the results you get with a decent(ish) host and 2 comedians, as opposed to using current day players for the humour. Should be on prime time TV
  5. PastiesPeake

    Feedback I don't understand Internet.

    Just a quick one. Apart from money, why does BigFooty whore out there data to advertisers? I am getting so much targeted advertising on my FB feed it isn't funny. This has only just started happening, the question is, why (apart from money)?
  6. PastiesPeake

    Skate/Surf/Extreme ASP World Tour

    Anyone catch the Teahupoo contest. Absolutely epic. Described as the best surfing contest of all time. Most of the Aussie contigent in the running for the world title were knocked out early including Burrow, Parko and Mick.
  7. PastiesPeake

    Politics Senator Ludlam welcomes Tony Abbott to WA

    I have been a staunch Liberal voter my whole life, but this Ludlam burn is well worth watching.
  8. PastiesPeake

    Gotye upcoming Aus tour minus Perth.

    Wally Tobaccy aka Gotye has announced his up coming tour around Aus. Cities include: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide For some reason he is not coming to Perth. This is irritating. Respect dwindling
  9. PastiesPeake

    Driving around Europe

    Hi folks. Just booked my flights to Europe, this will be the second trip. The first one consisted of a Contiki tour followed by catching flights here, there and everywhere for another 5 weeks. This time I am going for 7 weeks, lobbing in Paris first. Obviously I want to make the most...
  10. PastiesPeake

    Health Portable Air Conditioners

    I currently live in a hot house and require a portable Air Con. Any experiences with these? What is the best brand to look out for? **** I am hot!!
  11. PastiesPeake

    Renters Rights

    Evening. I am in a bit of a pickle with my fookwit landlord. Advice appreciated. Scenario - My partner and I have rented a townhouse privately. The lease is for 6 months and we are 3 months into it. The house is now on the market. In 3 months we have had no less than 6 visits by various...
  12. PastiesPeake


    I read somewhere that Michael Barlow has 'elite' endurance. What a load of wank. Sure, the bloke run pretty far, however, he is no Steve Moneghetti. The term 'elite' should be reserved for the truly elite. The only elite players in the AFL are Judd, Ablett, Reiwoldt and Pavlich. Find...
  13. PastiesPeake

    Predict the time BigFooty will go down

    Whenever anything reasonably interesting happens in the footy world, BigFooty somehow has too many connections!! However, all is not lost. The message will inveriably let you know that by paying a small fee, you will never lose access to BigFooty. So the question is, what time will it go...
  14. PastiesPeake

    TV Random Questions

    Hi there, I have quite a few animated discussions with my mate regarding all things TV. I have a few questions that need answering. 1) How much do you think voice over guys get paid? For example how much would that bloke off The Castle - Michael Caton - get for the Grand Agnus add? 2) Is...

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