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  1. Don Muraco

    Roast Pathetic-Game over Games finished.
  2. Don Muraco

    Opinion Are you happy with the Danger deal? (Poll)

    I am. Time to move on.
  3. Don Muraco

    Universal Love That September feeling

    We are a genuine chance. I haven't felt like this for a long time. Thanks boys!!!:):D:thumbsu:
  4. Don Muraco

    Toast Good Luck Campo!

    A job that has come about because of tragedy may be the making of a new coach. Good luck to all the coaching staff , you are now in uncharted waters.:thumbsu: #goodluckcampo
  5. Don Muraco

    Innuendo, gossip, rumourmongering and feelings...

    No explanation neccessary....(credit to #TooFar for the stolen title)
  6. Don Muraco

    Opinion FULL LINDY- The vent thread!!!

    Anger issues at the club or its servants, here's the place. Opinion Noted!!! :mad:
  7. Don Muraco

    The AFC board , who is the standout in your eyes?

    BOARD MEMBER PROFILES ROB CHAPMAN Appointed: 15 December 2006; current term expires 2015 Current Position: Chairman Current Committees: Executive Current Directorships: • Chairman, Bank SA • Chairman, Kelly & Co BAC • Chairman, Perks & Associates • Chairman, Barossa Infrastructure Ltd...
  8. Don Muraco


    Everybody knows Rucci has been itching to put the boots into us and get the smears back into the picture and after the Tippet affair we have left the door open. Add Mr Sunrise and the free exposure that goes with it and our advantage is shrinking. They have the momentum going into the Adelaide...
  9. Don Muraco

    Rumour Crows knocked back Franklin!!!!

    Not really , but imagine if we did!:eek: (I'll get my coat)
  10. Don Muraco

    Toast Toast for Jerka!

    What a bargain!:thumbsu:
  11. Don Muraco

    News Sando on the couch Monday.

    Must watch for Crow fans:)
  12. Don Muraco

    New Coaching Panel

    I think we have now have golden opportunity to spend up big on a new coaching panel. The coast of luring someone we really wan't should not be an obsticle as there is no Limit on spending RE coaches. We only have to look towards the imbeciles from down the road the see that the AFL will bail us...
  13. Don Muraco

    Who can we beat next?

  14. Don Muraco

    Positives from today.

    .................................! One less game we have to play.:eek:
  15. Don Muraco

    What does Port Adelaide stand for?

    Amazing crap or hilarity? (Money well spent.):eek:
  16. Don Muraco

    What do we do if the Power continue to fail as a football club?

    If Port continue to lose money and supporters , what is the future for the Crows financially considering we almost sponsor them now? It will be at least four years until we move to Adelaide oval (even though I don't think this will help them but that is a whole other argument) and I can't see...

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