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  1. pendlebury_10

    Players Not In The AFL Hall of Fame

    The 2014 Hall of Fame inductees have greatly reflected the AFL's trend towards inducting modern day players. Many greats of the past are being overlooked in favour of these recently retired individuals. There are many players who a case could be made for ahead of the current crop. Of these...
  2. pendlebury_10

    Lack of Value Provided by Mid-Priced Players

    With the season proper fast approaching, concepts and ideas for how to balance a SC side are being thrown around left, right and centre. I am of the opinion that the majority of mid-priced supercoach players are a waste of time. Bar a select few, my SC team has no place for those priced...
  3. pendlebury_10

    Jumper Numbers

    'It's not about the number on your back, its the jumper you're playing for.' This view is widely held amongst footballing circles, after all this great game of ours is a team sport. But for thousands of footy fans out there it is about the number on a player's back. Every fan has their...
  4. pendlebury_10

    V S S S A

    Look with all the talk of APS on here (despite the fact its far superior) just thought id get a thread goin on the poor mans VSSSA. Any thoughts, predictions?

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