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  1. horj89

    24 hour Training Session

    Anyone done one before? If so how did it work? My club has organised one in a few weeks time going from 7pm Friday till 7pm Saturday. Will be a massive challenge but I am looking forward to it.
  2. horj89

    24 Hour Gyms

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them? I have my own gym equipment at home but am not always home to use it but still want to work out. I am thinking of joining Jett's but i am just after a few people thoughts.
  3. horj89

    Broken Jaw

    A couple of weeks ago while playing footy I copped a hit to the head and I managed to break my jaw just behind my wisdom tooth of the left mandible(bottom jaw). I've had surgery since then and from what I've read it seems to be a 4-6 week recovery time. After the last check up from the surgeon...
  4. horj89

    TENS Machine

    Just wondering if anyone knows abit about TENS machines or products that are similair. I've used them in the past on different injuries and found they are quite good in the recovery process. Where would be the best place to find one and how much would a basic one cost? Cheers
  5. horj89

    Footy Trip

    Where is you team going this year?
  6. horj89

    Triple J Hottest 100 - 2009

    Now that we are over half way through the year what are some songs that you think will feature in this years countdown?
  7. horj89

    Gold Coasts Club Song

    Just heard it on Channel 10 news here in SA. From the short snippet they played it sounded abit lame. Anyone else hear it?
  8. horj89

    Cousins a possibility

    Just reported on Channel 7 news that Essendon are a real chance to take him in the PSD at pick 5.
  9. horj89

    What will Crawford do?

    Will he play on in 2009 or retire?
  10. horj89

    Mid 90's footy pogs

    Anyone still got any? Today while going through my room I came across a 1995 (Very young looking)Chris Grant Pog.
  11. horj89

    Rising Star Favourite

    Though early in the season who do think is the early favourite for the Rising Star Award?
  12. horj89

    Matchbox 20 Concert

    Anyone else go their concert? I went last night and it was terrific, loved every minute. They played all their classics as well as some of their new stuff. :thumbsu:
  13. horj89

    Skilled Stadium

    When was the last time that we played at Skilled Stadium? This thought occured to me while Geelong were playing Melbourne today and I cannot recall the last time we played there.

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