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  1. WestCoast05

    Opinion MODERATE ideas for a 'fairer' AFL without the hyperbole of VIC & non-VIC trolls. TROLLS FROM BOTH SIDES PLEASE KEEP OUT

    I know, I know - the last thing we need is another thread on this topic right? However I'll admit as a WA supporter that many WA posters (and other states) are spudding up legitimate discussion with hyperbolic and unrealistic points. I'm interested in actual non-biased and fair-minded...
  2. WestCoast05

    The AFL should just make suspensions only applicable during the H/A season

    If the AFL doesn't want to suspend players during Finals then they should just change the rules and make suspensions only applicable during the Home and Away season. I know there are many negatives to this idea - BUT it is better than the sport we all love looking more and more ridiculous with...
  3. WestCoast05

    Opinion Player trades / 'go home' factor - when does a player have a right to nominate a club or not?

    Whatley, Riewoldt and Murphy think an out of contract Tim Kelly should be forced to go to Freo if it gets Geelong higher picks - with Nick Riewoldt being the stronger advocate of it out of the 3. Do you think Nick Riewoldt would think the same would apply with St Kilda's approach to Brad Hill...
  4. WestCoast05

    Game Day West Coast Angels versus Gil's Demons - Premiers vs we-made-a-preliminariares - Battle of Wolf Creek 3am Monday morning

    WHO: The actual Premiers versus this years expected Premieres WHEN: 3am Monday Morning y'know cos carlton and the saints need the good timeslots WHERE: Old Man McGruff's Cattle Station - 300km east of Meekatharramandagoorloodoorop Setting the scene... After celebrating too hard after their...
  5. WestCoast05

    Anyone know where I can get one of those 'Premiers' caps that the player wore at the end of the game

    Anyone know where I can get one of those 'Premiers' caps that the player wore at the end of the game? Help would be muchly appreciated
  6. WestCoast05

    AFL 2018 R8: GWS vs West Coast: Saturday 1:30AEST @Spotless

    No GWS vWCE gameday thread? Can anyone make one or can only a mod do it? This is the write up I did for the West Coast board. Just a bit of a piss-take, if you're a GWS supporter pls know that I am a big fan of your addition to the comp :) Great game against Port - another week and another...
  7. WestCoast05

    Game Day GWS vs West Coast, Saturday 11:45 @ Spotless Stadium

    Great game against Port - another week and another Ben Dixon anti-West Coast prediction proven wrong! Well coming up this Saturday 11:45am is a West Aussie teams’ version of a Friday Night blockbuster – solely by the virtue of the fact that it’s not on at 9:30pm on a Sunday night. As we get...
  8. WestCoast05

    News West Coast calls on fans to start new game-day tradition at Perth Stadium

    Personally I'm all for it - will help to get the fans into the game and vocal from the get go. Know there will be some nay-sayers who think it is gimmicky or tacky - but we have a significant amount of quieter aged supporters and anything that helps bring the crowd into the game to support the...
  9. WestCoast05

    Opinion McGovern for Captain

    Gov for skipper. I know some of you are keen if the idea of Shuey but I feel liek Gov has a different sort of strength about him. I can see him as a captain who would command respect. Thoughts?
  10. WestCoast05

    Roast Crackup satire of a Freo Dockers supporter by the Bell Tower Times

    Haha, I lol'd: The Human Zoo - Mr Freo Dockers 2017 The Freo Dockers are the Ellenbrook trainline of the AFL: after years of broken promises the fans are left with nothing but a long wait for the premiership-train that is never coming. Normally an 89 point annihilation would have Ray...
  11. WestCoast05

    Opinion Stop disrespecting the [West Coast] Veterans!

    Sure, some of the veterans may need to be moved on - but that's not their call! OF COURSE RESPECTFUL DISCUSSION of when their time is up is fine, I am purely addressing the disrespectful type of commentary/posts. They will play on until the coach and list managers drop them to wafl or delist...
  12. WestCoast05

    Umpire Hits Back - article: Why experts are wrong to bash umpires

    Good article to read by an ex-umpire amongst all the current talk: "Who would want to be an umpire? They are the punching bags of the AFL. Get on Twitter now and unleash your personal...
  13. WestCoast05

    Freo's New HQ First look at Fremantle Docker's new HQ. They are moving there next month. CHECK OUT THE DIFFERENT VIDEOS...
  14. WestCoast05

    Ablett's Perfect Reply-Mate, you've got my number

    'Mate, you've got my number' In my opinion, this is the perfect response by Ablett to the New-Idea-Woman's-Day-isation of the footy world in the media and on social media. What was the point of former teammate's criticism of Ablett's delayed honeymoon? To sow seeds of discontent as pre-season...
  15. WestCoast05

    Collingwood, hurry the hell up with Mayne, you're holding the entire trade period up!

    Seems this is holding things up a lot. What trade deals can you think of that are actually waiting on this one?
  16. WestCoast05

    Bulldogs supporters be proud of your coach

    I'm not even a Dogs supporter but I choked up and thought that what Beveridge did was pretty special. I can't imagine how you would be feeling seeing that powerful gesture. It wasn't just the giving of the medal to Murphy. It was also giving up his spot holding the trophy and standing humbly on...
  17. WestCoast05

    Beveridge - honourable, selfless, loyal

    That was a special moment I just witnessed. Also forfeited his spot on the trophy and stood humbly on the side. I don't know about you but Im blown away by his admirable and honourable behaviour.

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