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  1. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Sydney Vs Essendon Round 2. 2020

    Never really looked like it. Skills were poor. You'd think with a whole summer and a three month break we would have addressed this after years of the same sh*te. If we can't get the basics right no point trying to throw your legs and arms around when trying to take a grab. (Heeney) looking...
  2. Troystenvic

    Game Day Grand Final Thread GWS Vs Tigers MCG 2.30pm

    Without doubt the best day of the football year. Should be a belter of a contest. GWS by 9. Fingers crossed we are back there soon.
  3. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Swans Vs Carlton Round 17

    I'll go with the old cliché that Horse will use.... We are young and need to expect fluctuations in form from our young side. We were miles off the mark today. A high pick is our for the taking Arguably a horror 24 hours for the club
  4. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Swans Vs Don's Rnd 16

    A really ordinary game. Season over 96 year drought continues. Didn't take our chances and took 2 advantages inside 50 for 2 behinds. Missed some easy set shots Forward line look at sea. Florent Ronke Rose McCartin all ordinary. AA was good in the ruck
  5. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Swans Vs Pies - Round 10, 2019

    Bitter Sweet
  6. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Swans Vs Bombers, R8 2019

  7. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Round 6 Swans Vs Giants.

    The game shifted with about 5 minutes to go in the third term when we kicked a goal and Horsey boy decided to drop Reid back instead of attacking. We had some momentum and it all got zapped right there and they went bang and bang First half was good. Ball movement was fast and down the middle...
  8. Troystenvic

    Rumour Horse to trot South

    Hearing John Longmire will be coaching at North Melbourne next season.
  9. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Round 5 2019 Swans Vs Tigers

    Whatever bloods culture lived out there tonight is officially dead. The club doesn't stand for a lot anymore. The bloods culture died years ago. Our confidence is deadset shot. Im pretty confident Horse has lost the players. Rowbottom looked composed for a first gamer We try the same thing...
  10. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Swans Vs Dees Rnd 4

    One and three and season over for mine. We aren't making the 8. Bottom 4 side we are We are a rabble.
  11. Troystenvic

    Unofficial Preview Round 4 Swans vs Owen (Dees) Thursday Night SCG

    Some one will put a preview up in due course. Short week to flap the gums over this one. Time to reclaim the SCG as somewhere where we were once feared. Ins/Outs or whatever you like. Go......
  12. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Swans vs Dogs Rnd 1 2019

    I hope that moron Horse has learnt that playing attacking and aggressive football is what needs to be done. One goal in the first half showed that our old game plan is not how to play footy in 2019. Heeney the highlight tonight. Some late chances hurt us in the last. Buddy the first ever...
  13. Troystenvic

    Strategy Next senior coach

    Lots of talk about wether horse is the man to coach us to our next flag. Lots of discussion about his tenure... If you had to choose our next senior coach who would it be and why? When would you pull the trigger? Or do you believe in the current crop of coaches?
  14. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Swans vs GWS Elimination Final

    Didn't really look like it tonight which in some ways is story of the season. Smashed in the middle and didnt have a forward structure for almost all of it. Buddy smashed by Davis but looked lame anyway. Couldnt stick tackles and skills were again very very poor. Ive said all year a fish...
  15. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Rd 23 2018 Swans v Hawks

    Every time. Every single time. They always find a way against us, it wouldn't matter if they were 0 and 16 they would beat us. Choked in another big game Had our chances but couldn't put them away. Really disappointing.
  16. Troystenvic

    Preview Rnd 23 Swans vs Hawks. SCG Saturday night. Winner Top 4

    To say this is a massive game is the understatement of the season. After a shock loss to GCS and a touch up against the Dons we have bounced back and had wins against Collingwood Melbourne and GWS. Buddy is getting his swager back after booting 15 goals the last month and threatens to blow the...
  17. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Swans vs GWS Round 22

    TOP 4 IS ON TOP 4 IS ON I repeat TOP 4 IS ON Good even spread of effort. Buddy good again. Heeney and Parker good too. Hanners and Jack are back in town BABY Another win on the road to glory Praise be my 4 year old.
  18. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Round 21 Swans vs Dees

    Really sad about AJ. Devastating. Aliir was great. Heeney good. Lance the great Write us off at your peril Still very defensive in the last
  19. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Sydney Vs Pies Round 20 2018

    WHAT A WIN WHAT A WIN. Congratulations to AJ on making it through his first game since 2012 BUDDY BUDDY BUDDY geez what a Champion Mc Cartin that was awesome Just when all hope was lost we find a way to win and keep the season alive or do we just add another of layer of paper over...
  20. Troystenvic

    Autopsy Rnd 19 2018 Swans dft by Bombers

    Where is this club at. Horse is cooked. It's been a good ride but I think it's time to part ways whilst he still has some credibility. The game plan needs an overhaul. We play down the line BORING football. Its extremely predictable and just a yawn to watch. It's a train wreck and I hope the...

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