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  1. Gorman2Geister

    News Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread II

    It'd be interesting in terms of at least recouping that plus a bit more from their public liability and professional indemnity insurance (not that it'd cover a fraction of the true $$ damage).
  2. Gorman2Geister

    Certified Legendary Thread Roos lodge plans for massive Arden St upgrade

    Yesterday's result was disappointing - today's way more so. Not a skerrick of a mention of the club's plans at first glance of the draft precinct plan or virtually any acknowledgement of its existence here. It's a massive lost opportunity to ensure that the club is embedded here for the...
  3. Gorman2Geister

    2020 Scratch Matches

    Sounds a bit malicious if you ask me.
  4. Gorman2Geister

    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    And now we hear Scotts punching on with Purple in the Big Apple.... What next? Will we be exhuming Boris the Chicken to blame him for Coronavirus? Another day, another shot from the fat, bald one. We need footy season to start desperately.
  5. Gorman2Geister

    News Coronavirus Thread

    The next show will make you want to panic buy cat food!! Those pesky prawns...
  6. Gorman2Geister

    News Coronavirus Thread

    Hey hey. This bloke cares about people's health and wellbeing....
  7. Gorman2Geister

    News Coronavirus Thread

    If films like Jaws, Dante's Peak, The Poseidon Adventure and Volcano have taught us anything at all, it is that decision makers will take the pleas of businesses to not impact on their revenue ahead of experts warning of the risks to people's lives. We're gonna need a bigger stash of toilet...
  8. Gorman2Geister

    Unofficial Preview North v St Kilda, round 1, 2020 (TODAY)

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  9. Gorman2Geister

    Game Day Practice Match | North Melbourne v Melbourne | Feb 28th 1.10pm @Arden St. [Live on]

    Represented Haileybury at APS athletics in 100m and 200m in his year level and didn't disgrace himself. Watched him run rings around John Baird at 1st XVIII level.
  10. Gorman2Geister

    Certified Legendary Thread Sympathy for *essendon II - C.McKenna tests positive (?) for COVID - RIP T_S & D2D

    Who is going to this musical masterpiece? Rogers and Hammerstein will be turning in their graves.
  11. Gorman2Geister

    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    Probably the same number of votes as he'll get when he runs for mayor, the moron.
  12. Gorman2Geister

    AFLW Player Sponsor Prize 2

    In. Edit: Out actually. Would love to go but can't. Looks like it's all yours Luke72 !
  13. Gorman2Geister

    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    The only number 18 that I remember lining up on Buckley was Brad Moran and he wasn't disgraced that day (Buckley that is).
  14. Gorman2Geister

    NMFC AGM February 26, 2020

    Thanks Google, turns out he is a descendant of the toilet inventor. Insert double entendres/toilet puns here... Paul Crapper Executive Manager, Corporate Services Group Paul has over three decades of experience in leadership, corporate services and stakeholder management across corporate and...
  15. Gorman2Geister

    Training At training - club back training as of 18 May

    Better late than never!
  16. Gorman2Geister

    Competitions 2020 NMFC AFL Player Sponsorship - Taylor Garner and Flynn Perez Target Reached!

    Well done Luke72 and thanks for all your great work Chadwiko. I'm in for a pineapple for the men's team and another pineapple if we are sponsoring Kashie again 😍👍
  17. Gorman2Geister

    Training At training - club back training as of 18 May

    As long as you went to the School of Hard Knocks it gets you into a PhD degree at the University of Life where common sense is common.

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