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  1. IdiotBox

    Game Day AFL 2019 Grand Final - Richmond v Greater Western Sydney

    Edit: Not sure how a post of mine from last week's "game day" thread ended up here?
  2. IdiotBox

    Game Day AFL Finals - Week 3

    A bit of me wants Geelong to make it through to the big dance as I reckon they have more likelihood of losing the grand final than would a Richmond. But, them losing tonight would satisfy as well.
  3. IdiotBox

    Game Day Round 21, 2019: GWS Giants vs Hawthorn, 9 August, 2019, 7.50 pm @ Manuka Oval, Canberra

    Pack your finest winter woolies for this one folks Should be fun for this local Hawker, having only just returned from a European summer jaunt.
  4. IdiotBox

    Toast Sicily - 50 games

    Here's hoping we see lots of this on Friday night and Sic gets to celebrate his 50th game in the mighty Brown and Gold with an emphatic win (and a clean rap sheet.)
  5. IdiotBox

    Game Day Round 16 2017: Hawthorn vs GWS Giants 8 July, 1:45pm @UTAS

    C'mon lads, reclaim Fortress Launceston!!
  6. IdiotBox

    Toast Congratulations Isaac Omith - 150 games

    Was gonna leave this one for you to kick off Agent Smith but 'you snooze, you lose...' Although, you'd probably say it's not up to you to organise your own party. ;) Isaac has perhaps struggled a little this year without his running partner Hill, but hopefully he is building to a strong...
  7. IdiotBox

    Toast Luke Hodge - 300 games in the Number 15. Brilliant player and a 'good bloke'.

    I figured we can change the title once game 300 is imminent but in the meantime... This weekend he will equal the great Kelvin Moore for games played with the number 15 on his back. Should Hodge play out all the remaining 2017 H&A games (assuming no finals for the moment), he will be on 306...
  8. IdiotBox

    Autopsy Hawthorn vs Suns

    We didn't seem to have an official autopsy thread to allow the concentration of teeth-gnashing and all things doom and gloom. Here it is. :'( Will we be next week's version of the Gold Coast and respond in dramatic form to the inevitable media bashing (or will it be more like unabated glee?)...
  9. IdiotBox

    Toast 100 games - Ryan Schoenmakers

    I may be a premature speculator in posting this thread prior to QF team selection. ;) I do hope that Ryan cracks the ton sometime over the next 2-4 weeks. Whilst his value to the team is a polarising topic you just have have to admire his tenacity in sticking tough through his injuries and his...
  10. IdiotBox

    Analysis Hawthorn's Best (winning) and Worst (losing) streaks

    Last weekend against the Gold Coast Suns, we successfully maintained our unbeaten record (8 games) against them. It got me thinking about our history of winning and losing streaks against all clubs. The following tables are the result of that curiousity. I must acknowledge afltables...
  11. IdiotBox

    Analysis T8 vs T8 - after Round 23

    Note: Top 8 = T8 , Bottom 10 = B10 I was getting a little tired of hearing how awesome North are, sitting atop the ladder with an unblemished record. I get it that you can only play who you're drawn to play but there's certainly a fair bit of disparity in how many games current T8 teams have...
  12. IdiotBox

    Game Day NAB Challenge 3: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne - Etihad Stadium

    I've always wanted to start one of these but was never up early enough... Two words: No Injuries!
  13. IdiotBox

    Universal Love Hawthorn - team of the year (2015) - AIS Sport Performance Awards

    C'mon Hawkers... get on board and vote up the Hawks in this People's Choice award. Vote early, vote often! (Note: Voting for the ABC Sports Personality of the Year and Team of the Year closes 17 February at 12pm AEDT.) PS: and perhaps vote for anyone but Fyfe in...
  14. IdiotBox

    Roast Andrew Newbold saying he'd be pleased if West Coast won !!

    WTF! - Just heard the audio on SEN. Unbelievable. Edit: He's talking to KB now putting it into a bit more context but still, he could have chosen his words better.
  15. IdiotBox

    2015 - MRP Ladder Lite (aka "The Dustin Fletcher Cup") - after Round 23 - Freo have won!

    NOTES: a) Ladder is sorted on total matches missed, then by number of charges, then alphabetically. b) The trophy is named in honour of Dustin Fletcher who, after his Round 20 (2013) guilty plea, holds the dubious AFL record for the most times (16) found guilty of an offence. Club..... Matches...
  16. IdiotBox

    Analysis 'Random Statistics that don't warrant a thread' Thread?

    Apropos of nothing in particular... other than showing just how awesome we are! As at the end of Round 17, 2015 there are 122 players in the whole comp who have hit double figures in the goal-kicking stakes. 63 are from the current top 8. Here's a summary of the top 8. The full, detailed...
  17. IdiotBox

    Roast yet another pointless, provocative headline on : "Boomer a Hawk?"

    Stupid, click bait rubbish. We were supposedly interested in Harvey 3 years ago and that for some reason should still extrapolate to the here and now? The actual article (by super scoop Barrett) then speculates that any number of clubs may be interested if Harvey chose to call Scott's bluff...
  18. IdiotBox

    Analysis Seven H & A rounds to go - will the final 8 change?

    So, we're into the back third of the season. 7 rounds to go. I've had a look at the comparable challenges facing the current top 10 teams all hoping for finals action. It's really going to be fascinating watching the remainder of the H&A rounds unfold. The AFL bwanas must be creaming...
  19. IdiotBox

    Injury Josh Gibson torn pectoral muscle

    Just reported on SEN that the Hun reckons Gibbo will be out for a lengthy spell with a torn pec. :eek:
  20. IdiotBox

    Universal Love The Sharp Shooting Seven! Our goal kickers for 2020 - After Rd 5 - Giants

    Sadly, one of favourite threads, “Buddy's developing place on the All-Time Ladder”, no longer has any real relevance to us here. There were numerous calls to replace it with a focus on the loyal players(*) who have remained with the Hawks. So, here it is! An ambitious attempt to track the...

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