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  1. horj89

    Autopsy Rnd 4: Loss against the Blues

    We have so much work to do. My biggest concern is our foot skills. I’m not sure if it’s the game plan but constantly kicking the ball blindly long is doing my head in.
  2. horj89

    Player Watch #10: Aaron Francis

    Getting 3 coaches votes from I’m assuming Woosha for his job on Heeney speaks volumes.
  3. horj89

    Review Practice Game: 74 point win over Melbourne

    Looking at the highlights Harrison Jones took a few nice marks and had a few good moments. Anyone have anymore info on how he went yesterday?
  4. horj89

    General Bombers Talk Preseason 2019 - 2020

    It was interesting listening to Xavier Campbell’s spiel on the FB page about the clubs position in 2020. Just before the 3 minute mark he speaks about the players working with the new coaching structure. Caracellas name gets mentioned first, a slight pause, then Rutten and finally Woosha. Theres...
  5. horj89

    Toast Rnd 18: 21 point win against Adelaide!

    What a night. I’ve never seen the lads win in my home state, and I’m 30, so this was super special. I could rabble on about every player and certain things they did but they all played their part. An enormous win that needs to be backed up by a percentage booster next week to setup the rest...
  6. horj89

    Toast Rnd 13: Win against the Hawkes

    Have missed the last two weeks due to being overseas. Clarke has had plenty of it but how has his disposal been? Has he looked comfortable with ball in hand?
  7. horj89

    Game Day Round 8: Sydney v Essendon, SCG, Friday 10/5/19, 7.50pm AEST

    What a dog average performance. Sydney are an absolute bunch of scrappers and we played right into their hands kicking long all night.
  8. horj89

    2019 Bigfooty Real Dreamteam Div 4

    Any spots still available?
  9. horj89

    Game Day Round 1: GWS v Essendon, Sydney Showgrounds, Sunday 24/3/19, 3.20pm

    There are poor performances like Adelaide yesterday then there is this.
  10. horj89

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VI

    That’ll do
  11. horj89

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VI

    Not jumping the gun. I’m waiting for something to appear on the AFL website.
  12. horj89

    Trades Round 5 Trades

    Traded him to Coniglio this week. He could potentially miss next week too and given his groins are the issue who knows if they will play up again later in the year.
  13. horj89

    Discussion Round 4 Discussion

    The Seed coming up big for me this week after trading him in. I also had Stephenson on the bench until a minute before the game.
  14. horj89

    Trades Round 4 Trades

    No doubt I'll bail Friday at 6pm.
  15. horj89

    Trades Round 4 Trades

    I've finally cracked the shits with Hibberd. I should have done it last week and saved some cash but ah well. Hibberd > Seedsman Brayshaw > Richards via DPP Leaves me 360K in the bank for upgrades in the coming weeks.
  16. horj89

    Discussion Round 3 Discussion

    Treloar stinks. Would it hurt to lay a tackle. Should have turfed him for Coniglio.
  17. horj89

    Trades Round 3 Trades

    Any love for bringing in Tuohy for Hibberd? With Mackie and Enright retiring has he become the prime mover for Geelong?
  18. horj89

    Autopsy Round 2: Essendon 16 point defeat to Fremantle

    So frustrating. I had such high hopes for us tonight. Didn't handle their pressure particularly well so there is plenty to work on. I'm interested to see what Woosha has to say.
  19. horj89

    Discussion Round 2 Discussion

    I'm thinking I'll take Dustys 127. While the chase of another 150+ is fun if I was to be guaranteed at the start of the season a 127(Mitchell's average last year) every week from my captain I'd probably take it.
  20. horj89

    Official Club Stuff 2018 Membership Thread - 79,318 final tally!

    Have membership cards been sent out yet? I can't recall receiving mine. Note my I have an SA interstate membership.

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