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  1. Cory

    Autopsy AFL 2020 R2 - Port v Adelaide Showdown Sat 13th 7:40pm AEST (AO)

    Are they commentating at the game or in Melbourne?
  2. Cory

    Roast Marlion Pickett go fund me and neal balme comments

    These type of people don’t think that. They just have their wife pop kids out for government payment.
  3. Cory

    Multiplat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019 reboot) - including Warzone

    Plunder is so good
  4. Cory

    Multiplat Nintendo Network, PSN, Xbox Live and Steam IDs

  5. Cory

    Multiplat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019 reboot) - including Warzone

    Pretty decent. Needed something for isolation
  6. Cory

    News ISC remain, (for this year at least).

    Nah they don’t sponsor Hawthorn anymore. Nissan do. Talk about a step down.
  7. Cory

    Game Day AFL Preliminary Final - Matchday Discussion GWS@Collingwood(MCG – 4:35PM)

    Maybe you can give GWS advice on how to not play sh*t in their first GF like Freo
  8. Cory

    News New Jumpers For 2020 - All Changes In OP

    Eddie said to Brian before that the 2020 jumper for Carlton games will have a white back. Probably just easier for us to switch to a white home
  9. Cory

    Game Day AFL Round 17 - Matchday Discussion Collingwood@West Coast (Optus Stadium – 8:10PM EST)

    Darling hands in the hair before ball gets to him
  10. Cory

    News New Carlton training guernsey

    That material looks putrid
  11. Cory

    AFL 2019 Round 7: Melbourne v Hawthorn, Sat 1:45PM MCG

    Eddie is unbearable as a commentator. “GARLETT IS ON, GARLETT IS ON!”
  12. Cory

    Game Day AFL Round 3 - Matchday Discussion West Coast@Collingwood(MCG – 7:25PM)

    Man Beams has been awful this year
  13. Cory

    AFL 2019 Round 3: Greater Western Sydney v Richmond, 4:35pm AEDT, GS

    Griggs and Grimes
  14. Cory

    Fox Cricket commentary and coverage 2018-19

    Such a moron, has he put weight back on again? I remember when he was ghostly
  15. Cory

    Fox Cricket commentary and coverage 2018-19

    Warne again unbearable for the T20 game
  16. Cory

    1st ODI | Australia vs India @ SCG (13:20 local)

    How old are Dhoni’s pads..
  17. Cory

    News New Jumpers For 2019 - All Changes In OP

    That logo ruins the clash
  18. Cory

    Player Watch Jarryd Blair (Delisted 2018)

    About time
  19. Cory

    TV The Block 2018: The Gatwick

    Pretty bullshit that psycho Sara and her dumb husband make nearly $600k

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