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  1. ant555

    Media #firsttosix

    How do you like those apples.
  2. ant555

    Opinion Rookie list

    Personally I think the rookie list has become a dogs breakfast. The alterations made to appease the clubs when GWS and GC came in have turned it into a bit of a joke. How can you have a rookie list and draft someone who has played 100 games o_O Time for change. Scrap the current rookie list...
  3. ant555

    Game Day Essendon vs Northern Blues

    Essendon 12.6.78 def Northern Blues 9.10 64. They managed to hang on for a win. It was a 1 point game for about 10 minutes in the last quarter. Terrible game that was matched by the worst umpiring I have ever seen in over 30 years of watching VFL/VFA . It was like watching an under 14 game and...
  4. ant555

    Washed up cult. Join today.

    You read the title. Anyone want to join a washed up cult. Sign up now.
  5. ant555

    Media Hall of fame legend signs on for 2 more years

    It is official. I have decided to sign on for another two seasons with the second greatest club in the SFA.(you can not deny the fact that the Roys are the current greatest). After our gallant Grand Final effort and the last to GF season I went into negotiations with the club that lasted...
  6. ant555

    Lost. One premiership cup.

    Ok who stole it ? I know I have changed sides but it is still my cup and I have the medals to prove it :D
  7. ant555

    News & Events Pokies

    I see there is / has been a bit of a recent push for AFL Clubs to lead the way and drop their poker machines at the venues they run and set the standard for society. Personally I could not care less if they where all removed and never seen again. Never been Interested in playing them. Never...
  8. ant555

    Prediction Small forward line. The new trend.

    Seriously what a load of horse manure. Two sides who did not have more than 1 decent tall forward win a flag and it is the new way forward ? Rubbish. Both sides wanted to play more tall forwards but simply did not have good ones or they where injured. The Bulldogs won the flag and since then...
  9. ant555

    Competition Legends club.

    Forget all the other clubs. The legends club is the place to be. To qualify you have to have. 1. Played 200 + games. 2. Be a triple premiership player. 3. Be a premiership captain. 4. Be a 2 or more time club best and fairest. 5. Have your clubs best and fairest award named after you. 6. Never...
  10. ant555

    Team defence

    Glad this is getting a mention. Our biggest issue and it stems from the top. " Essendon needs to improve its work rate and team defence after conceding on average almost 60 inside 50s a game in the first four rounds, coach John Worsfold says. He said on Wednesday coaches would not excuse...
  11. ant555

    SFA Baghdad Bombers

    Some will know about the Baghdad Bombers others wont. It is a footy sim game run here at Big footy. Many have played and gone like myself but i am making a come back so i thought i would spread the word. It is not for all. Some find it boring, if you do not want to mix with the broader BF...
  12. ant555

    Roast Essendon FC the last 15 years.

    This is not one for the blinkered supporter but we have really fumbled the ball a lot in the last 15 years. Starting pre flag with our salary cap issues and penalty.And players having to be traded away After the flag. With the side we had we should have played in at least 4 Grand Finals in that...
  13. ant555

    Politics Wouldnt it be nice

    If we could find anyone from any party who came out and provided an opinion on a subject rather than the current standard of simply paying out on those in government non stop. This era of being in opposition means no policy and plenty of attack and spin gives them all a bad name. The only time...
  14. ant555

    Analysis The last 2 weeks

    I spoke a bit about how i thought our leaders where lacking when it came to doing the team stuff in the previous 6 or 7 weeks and now i have to say thank god they have seen the light. From what i have heard the leaders where told before the Geelong they can shortly expect to be playing in the...
  15. ant555

    Roast Goal review

    Not sure where to put this so starting a thread and not to whinge about the Brown goal but to make a comment on the fact that 2 weeks in a row, Hawks v Swans and now Ess v Lions we have seen boundary umpires over rule the goal umpires decision, then go to a review only to have it back to umpires...
  16. ant555

    News ACC Report.

    Now the dust is settling on this report and getting away from the Essendon issue, it is looking like this report is a lot of piss and wind as well. Had the chance to read an edited version on the way back from Brisbane today and it is something any half decent journo could have put together by...
  17. ant555

    Ant's Rant - 2012

    Round 3 rant :) 3 from 3, not convincing in any but the wins are on the board. Goal kicking still an issue, should have been up by 7 goals at quarter time. At the ground you could see very early in the second quarter we where in for a fight as our blokes came out thinking they could...
  18. ant555

    Opinion Ants Rant round 2

    Really hate to say this but Carlton are a couple of spots better than i rated them. Good balanced side with pretty good foot skills and pace out of the back half. Looking forward to seeing how they line up against the better sides as they have beaten nothing yet. With the Pies not looking too...
  19. ant555


    So i can not post a thread that contained several topics without it being merged into the Port v Ess ? Yes it had some game review stuff but it also had comment on other sides and i had logged back in to add some more from tonight's games as well as some TAC bits. This bloody obsession with...
  20. ant555

    Our (lack of) skill

    The skill level in both games was the concern. After watching it a few times i walk away thinking we have really gone no where skill wise since 2007 and we are trying to play a possession game. People can have the blinkers on all they want but both games where seriously poor and the next...

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