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  1. lockheed

    Tarrant as a key forward?

    With regard to our on-field issues, our inability to kick a winning score is critical. I realise that it's robbing Peter, and I'm sure that it will never happen, but I feel that we need to move Robbie into attack. Ben needs a second genuine marking threat to become potent again, and I don't...
  2. lockheed

    Certified Legendary Thread Roos lodge plans for massive Arden St upgrade

    From our 'bst friend' Nick: "NORTH Melbourne has lodged detailed plans for a $10 million redevelopment of its Arden St headquarters that will transform its home ground into a match-ready venue ahead of the club's entry into the AFLW in 2019. The Kangaroos' proposed redevelopment will include...
  3. lockheed

    List Mgmt. Market Value

    I thought that it would be useful to have a thread, which captures information about market value. It will hopefully inform discussions about the value of our players and offers to other players. My current thinking is that it should be in a tabular form, organised firstly by team. There would...
  4. lockheed

    Can only teams with top draft picks (and father-sons) be successful?

    There's been a long ongoing discussions, mostly within the Bye Bye Brad discussion, regarding whether our immense mediocrity is because we've only had middling draft picks for many years, or whether its because we have an immensely mediocre list management and coaching set up. The discussion...
  5. lockheed

    AFL and players agree to new collective bargaining agreement And the press conference is being live streamed now - Josh Kelly - come on down!
  6. lockheed

    Federal government proposes a ban on gambling advertisements during sport broadcasts

    The federal government is looking for ways to limit the amount of sports betting on free to air tv stations - - although the AFL and other sporting...
  7. lockheed

    Giving it Away: AFL Turnover Kings It's been on the AFL web site for a few days, but haven't seen it here. Mods will fix things if I've messed up. The initial emboldening is mine. "The Roos don't cough up the ball as much as most sides, but they're being exposed when they do...
  8. lockheed

    News NMFC AFLW 2019

    2019 AFLW TIPPING HERE: Prize: a year's Platinum and medal for the winner! ***************************************************************************************************************************...
  9. lockheed

    Equalising the effect of free agents on the competition

    This is a thread I started in December in the NM forum - thought that it might have some interest for other AFL fans. ---------------- We know that the salary cap and an unencumbered draft are the key factors that should help to keep our competition even. We also know that this hasn't been the...
  10. lockheed

    Equalising the effect of free agents on the competition

    We know that the salary cap and an unencumbered draft are the key factors that should help to keep our competition even. We also know that this hasn't been the case for the last decade, with Hawthorn and Geelong easily being the most dominant teams. An article in yesterday's Age...
  11. lockheed

    Congratulations, Bridget Barker

    Bridget is our Sport and Recreation Coordinator, and she has just won the Emerging Leader award at the Liptember Grand Final Comedy Debate. At the same event, Jan Cooper, who is the AFL’s National Manager of Female Football (WA), was named the 2015 Football Woman of the Year. Congratulations...
  12. lockheed

    How will we judge 2015?

    How will we judge the success of this year? Is it just enough to make the finals? Do we need to win a final? Do we need to match last year and win two finals? Do we have to win two finals and be competitive in the prelim? Make the grand final? Win the grand final? Moderators - should this be...
  13. lockheed

    Magpie mischief - totally tongue in cheek

    It's occurred to me that, if the Collingwood Powers That Be decide that Nathan Buckley's position as coach is now untenable, there is a ready made and experienced coach who would be available to step in at short notice. His name is Mick Malthouse.
  14. lockheed

    Wood signs 2 year contract

    Details at I reckon that leaves Grima, Greenwood and Tippett needing to have new contracts negotiated.
  15. lockheed

    Finally, some good news regarding injuries

    Daniel, Nathan, Jamie and Joel may play for their respective VFL teams if they get through training this week:
  16. lockheed

    Voss as an assistant coach?

    I'm not normally a great fan of Robert Walls as a commentator, but I found this to be an interesting article. The Lions's results in the second half...
  17. lockheed

    Nathan Djerrrkura

    I know, footy gods willing, that we're awash with quality young inside midfielders. Would Djerrrkura, if we can get him cheaply enough, add anything to the side.

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