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  1. vicparksfinest


    Links don't work, re-post please? Easter spent right watching the replay.
  2. vicparksfinest

    Prediction Changes vs Bombers ~ Round 6 2019 (ANZAC Day)

    Surely go into this game unchanged. Aish looked fine after the game, and with Sier's ankle wrapped up and Apples injury, there is no clear replacement. As much as I want in to be Croc O'clock, we should go in unchanged.
  3. vicparksfinest

    Opposition Camp RD 5 Other scu...eerrr teams.

    Watched the St. Kilda game, and I know the Dees were playing pretty bloody poorly, but the Sainters are looking the real deal somehow.... Playing a real hunters type footy Ala Doggies '16, albeit early season and will no doubt drop off, but for the first time in YEAAARS I'm tipping them. They...
  4. vicparksfinest

    Game Day AFL Round 5 - Matchday Discussion Collingwood@Brisbane(Gabba – 7:35PM)

    All set now, off to the bottle o, bring the pub home
  5. vicparksfinest

    Game Day AFL Round 5 - Matchday Discussion Collingwood@Brisbane(Gabba – 7:35PM)

    In the middle of moving into a new house, TV better be bloody set up by 7.
  6. vicparksfinest

    Prediction Changes round five

    Teams done tomorrow and it’s Croc o’cloc
  7. vicparksfinest

    Prediction Changes vs Bulldogs ~ Round 4 2019

    Reports that Varcoe in for greenwood, again greenwood had the lowest TOG, be every week that that person has been dropped iirc. Looks as our best 22 is basically set, and much to the dismay of posters that includes Aish. There’s really only 2 blokes to come back into the side in Sier and WHE...
  8. vicparksfinest

    List Mgmt. Big key forward

    Exactly this, our midfield is limp and it baffles me, on paper it’s so dominant, SuperCoach kings ect but what good is that, we get smashed so often, it really could just be the balance of it. Jeremy Cameron would be great but a real crumbing forward is an actual need and Lachie Whitfield, jeez...
  9. vicparksfinest

    Prediction Changes vs WCE ~ Round 3 2019

    Why is everyone moaning about Varcoe being dropped?! If you don’t play well you are dropped! That’s the beauty of competition for spots, Carcs has done nothing for 2 weeks-out. Aish was more than serviceable.
  10. vicparksfinest

    Training Apples' Training Threads 2018/19

    Any training news?
  11. vicparksfinest

    Prediction Changes vs Tiges

    Stephenson playing up the ground didn’t help us either, but no, we didn’t look awake or hungry at all (Beams, Sidey, Thomas ect) If Sier has put the beers down and is ready, because we bloody need him, he come in for Little Browny sadly. I’m a big fan but he isn’t in the best team. We were...
  12. vicparksfinest

    Game Day AFL Round 1 - Matchday Discussion Geelong@Collingwood (MCG – 7:50PM)

    Started up at the Birmy, now good luck pint at the Leinster (Isn’t closing down anymore!!) Cmon Pies!!! Getting pumped this is hue, Beams Moore and Elliot it’s like a new team. Pies to run away with it 40 pts.
  13. vicparksfinest

    What is a pass mark for 2019?

    We should be disappointed with anything less than finals, we are stacked for talent in all areas barring injury, when considering Essendon are expected to play finals, and our list easily trumps theirs on paper..... Realistically too 8 is pass mark, top 4 is supporters pass mark and 4 peat...
  14. vicparksfinest

    Game Day JLT- Matchday Discussion Carlton@Collingwood(Morwell Reserve- 2:10PM)

    Yeh I was just hoping to watch tonight :( thats ok Thanks Jen
  15. vicparksfinest

    Game Day JLT- Matchday Discussion Carlton@Collingwood(Morwell Reserve- 2:10PM)

    full replay?? bloody missed it working all day, absolutely spewing.
  16. vicparksfinest

    Opinion Which of these players will have the most impact in 2019 and why? (The Veterans edition)

    Varcoe by a mile, the others are all fringe at best, whereas Varcs is a lock when fit. Dunn should be eased in mid year and will provide perfect leadership and be a rock in defence come finals. Bucks seems to love Greenwood so expect him to play more games than he should. Wells and Goldy will...
  17. vicparksfinest

    Autopsy JLT 1 v Freo player review

    People need to stop saying "Reid is better as a backman." He is cooked, all his role is to make a contest and hit a pack, he can't even do that. Jumps off two feet, doesn't impact anything, is slow. Its sad because was a great player in his day, but thats just it, that was 7+ YEARS AGO. If he...
  18. vicparksfinest

    Game Day Collingwood v Melbourne Practice Match

    is there anywhere we can watch the replay?
  19. vicparksfinest

    Player Watch James Aish

    He looks like a different player in that! Looks taller and I have not seen him move so smoothly, maybe it's the injuries have just changed his running motions or something. I would love to see him play a half forward / wing role, his overhead marking has always been a strength and I think he...
  20. vicparksfinest

    Pre-Season Training 2018-19

    How is Mihocek going this pre season? There hasn't been much in the way of reporting on him, so I assume he's doing what he needs to be doing. IMHO he is an absolute lock in the best 22, can not imagine he'd play any VFL if he's fit, brings so much more to the team than Reid. The talk of Reid...
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