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  1. royboy2

    NRL Round 6 discussion

    Was on Gem, for me it was like trying to pick a side in the Iran vs Iraq war...can't they both lose?
  2. royboy2

    NRL Round 6 discussion

    Wow that was ugly, but will take the 2 points and run. Can't serve that up against the Panthers next week
  3. royboy2

    Player Sponsorship 2019 player sponsorship

    Charlie Cameron please
  4. royboy2

    WWE TV, Rumours and Discussion - Part VII

    Elias got some nice heat then
  5. royboy2

    Teams South Sydney

    GI has resigned effective immediately, and as such relinquished 1.5m (over 2 years) of his playing salary, however he has signed on to be Development coach, Indigenous player mentor and Ambassador for Souths Cares for 300k a year. My understanding is that this leaves a 1.5m hole in our salary...
  6. royboy2

    NRL Greg Inglis retires

  7. royboy2

    TV Survivor 38 'Edge of extinction'

    Is the edge of extinction thing really just a way of saving money on the Ponderosa?
  8. royboy2

    Over 50's Clique - Nostalgia, Memorabilia, Reflection and Opinion for the Mature Lion.

    I love the story (probably false) of how a fire started across from the Fitzroy Fire brigade on the Collingwood side of Smith st, and they sat there and watched it burn 😁
  9. royboy2

    Discussion Rugby League/Union Kits discussion

    I imagine it will have yellow numbers
  10. royboy2

    WWE TV, Rumours and Discussion - Part VII

    Crowd went from "this is awesome" to "AEW" in 30 seconds
  11. royboy2

    Teams South Sydney

    Worried about our lack of centers today
  12. royboy2

    WWE TV, Rumours and Discussion - Part VII

    Do you mean this one? Not a massive stone cold fan but this was the best one I can remember
  13. royboy2

    WWE WrestleMania 35 - Monday 8th April 2018, 9am AEST

    So Ricochet & Black have now been moved to a SD tag title match @ WM?
  14. royboy2

    Banner Suggestions 2019

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