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    Preview Round 4, 2019: St Kilda v Hawthorn, 14 April 2019, 3.20pm at Marvel Stadium

    FWIW: Howe in , Mirra out if JOM plays , Howe needs game time to prepare for Dangerfield. Mirra in if JOM doesn’t. Rough in for Moore. Bench : Ceglar, Scrimshaw, Scully and Howe.
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    Where is Daniel Howe

    Help please, in case I have missed something can someone let me know where Daniel Howe is up to ? No JLT appearance ? Will he be available for round one ? Thanks
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    Autopsy Hawks vs Saints

    PERFECT SUMMATION , just waiting for the riders of the storm to light my fire ;)
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    Which club is Hawthorn's biggest rival?

    Hey I love the Sydney Spice Girls , that's them for ever now ! Thank you .
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    A champion team beat a team of champions.

    Was showing my son how this all works and having some fun on a Sunday morning over breakfast , don't spoil it , the treads are like the game , not going to cure the planet just helping to colour our world a bit , well beating Sydney will stop global warming and bring peace to the Middle East but...
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    A champion team beat a team of champions.

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    A champion team beat a team of champions.

    I know , just a bit of poetic license on a Sunday morning , but Jesus they so think they are and so does the press.
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    A champion team beat a team of champions.

    For all the froth and bubble on how the bloods do it and how tight they are together , their internal code of doing the right thing for each other , blah blah blah . They just got their pants pulled down by a better TEAM!! So trade ya heart out Sydney , chase down the big guns but it will be for...
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    Autopsy Hawks vs Cats - Another epic is written in the book of freakin' Epic.

    We played crap , errors forced and unforced , our leadership group went missing , the young men tried valiantly and the other guys won . Back to the drawing board . It's not a curse just a game of footy , you play crap you lose . Play better than them you win . Stevie Johnson is a cheap hitter...
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    News This should spice up the Essendon rivalry!

    If anyone can remember the speech Clarko made just after the GF win , he makes a big point of thanking Demitrio and Fitzpatrick for the work they did in a troubling time. Check it out , it is so aimed at the Essendon FC and Hird . That's why I love him . Don't be scared to speak your mind , the...
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    My realistic dream 2010 line up

    my shot for what its worth, with no newbies just existing 22 FB : goo, gilly , brown HB : ellis, shoey, birch (ladson as loose guy in def' ) C : young, mitchell, chance HF : rioli, buddy , dowler FF : ossie , roughy R : Cambell, hodge, sewell I : renouf , kennedy ,sheils ,lewis...
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    Hawk Eye My Man 2009: BALLOT NOW READY ... read on ....

    Re: Hawk Eye My Man 2009! oops thats Mr McGlynn , sorry benny
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    Hawk Eye My Man 2009: BALLOT NOW READY ... read on ....

    Re: Hawk Eye My Man 2009! ben mcglyn again for me please , he's back and ready to rumble.
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    Hawks to play youth

    Murphy all good ready to go . has put on a few kilos and will play NAB cup. should have a stella year.
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    Hawthorn's Trent Croad faces a long road

    news i have got is that murphy has put on a lot of weight ,now 90+ kilos and hard as, thorp training down back , any thoughts on renouf at CHB as he played there in premership win and at 200 is tall enough ,be interesting to see the set up against geelong. maybe some stilts for brownie.....
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    Who is happy with our picks in the Draft?

    great picks two big backmen a rebounder with great disposal skill and a stay at home backman who will be a monster down the track , a midfielder ready to go and another for 2010 and a project ruckman that will come on 2010/11. just remember we have 11-12 guys lining up for a game and only 3-4...
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    Was the choke sign over the top or not?

    its a game , its ment to be fun and giving as good as you get , so willo you did what you did , clarko said what he said and next time we meet it will add to the fun of the game. GO HAWKS!!!!! gutsy finish , did you see how wrapt the defenders, croady and co were , GO HAWKS !!!!
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    Zac watch

    I like zac, full back stay at home player not a rebounder but up and at the new young tall forwards we are just that TALL so go Zac D , I heard Alister say that it was bad luck last year as Zac was plying his best footy ever. he'll get his chance then it will be up to him, i wishh him all the...
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    Time to Turn Hawks Forwards to Defenders

    there are a multitude of options and i think what we need to do to avoid being predictable to the opposi1tion is move them around " dont get comfortable sport !" . Renouf played chb at southport in a gf. Thorp played in the back line in tassie . Roughie can play back , dowler can too . i say...
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