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  1. Atavistic

    Trades Round 14 trades

    B Close and D Cameron to Brayspud and Riccardi.
  2. Atavistic

    Trades Round 11 trades

    I don't even know yet. Maybe get Hosie, Wicks, Ruscoe, Schoenberg? I'm just going to wait on these rooks to see if they're playing. Ruscoe could really work for me in terms of having another M/D link.
  3. Atavistic

    Trades Round 10 trades

    May as well begin this now, seeing as we may have to make some trades by tomorrow. I'm thinking of M Pickett to Sam Draper via DPP, assuming I can make two subs in one trade. Not sure about that. Don't know what else to do. Will have to wait on teams. I was thinking about getting Tom Stewart...
  4. Atavistic

    Trades Round 9 trades

    Well... Maybe getting Close or Cahill in a double downgrade to afford Gawny.
  5. Atavistic

    Things more annoying than M$ foisting Edge onto users

    A list of things more annoying than Microsoft installing Edge onto my PC within an update and pinning it to taskbar and trying to force me to use it: (1) This Covid-19 pandemic. Can't think of anything else.
  6. Atavistic

    Trades Round 5 trades

    I can do: Howe to Maynard and Budarick to Gaff
  7. Atavistic

    BBL SUPERCOACH 2019/20

    So this comp is open again for another year. Seems to be open quite early. ABdV is finally in BBL, but only half the season.
  8. Atavistic

    Trades Round 16 trades

    Maybe Duursma to Hurn for me this week. I have Laird, Lloyd, Houli, Whitfield, T-Stew already.
  9. Atavistic

    News RDT is open

    Dudes, it's open. Time to go crazy picking our sides.
  10. Atavistic

    World Cup 2018

    $20 on Brazil tonight using WH promo: Back a team to win and if they score in the first half, get a bonus bet equal to the minute it was scored in. At SB, same game multi: Brazil to win vs Costa Rica, O2.5 goals, Jesus anytime goal-scorer, $30@3.10.
  11. Atavistic

    Leagues Fantasy & Supercoach BBL

    Was fun last year, and a couple of BFers got high up in the rankings and nearly won.
  12. Atavistic

    TV Braindead

    Caught this on Ch11 and enjoyed it. Seems very much like The Invasion, The Body Snatchers and all those kinds of movies, but I kind of liked it.
  13. Atavistic

    Trades Round 5 trades

    Getting in early, but I'm looking at: Graham to Fantasia and Simpkin/McCarthy to Cockatoo.
  14. Atavistic

    Toast "Bullet dodged" thread

    Name the players you had in your side at some point prior to lockout and who are currently spudding it up. Mine so far: Bugg, Greene, Steele. Went Buggy to Rosa a few minutes before lockout. Hopefully that works out, otherwise I'll be in the vent thread later.
  15. Atavistic

    Cricket: Big Bash 2015/16 betting

    A couple of bets I thought looked like value: Fastest 50 of the tournament: Kumar Sangakarra $20@51 Jacques Kallis $20@51. At SportsBet.
  16. Atavistic

    Big Bash Fantasy 2015/16 Starts next week, and it looks like there are a bunch of good value picks. You can also put all-rounders either in the batsmen or bowlers slots. $10k first prize, $500 for round winners.
  17. Atavistic

    TV The Island with Bear Grylls

    Into its second season and clearly needs a thread of its own. It's airing on SBS HD and SBS 3 at the moment but you can actually watch them all on YouTube if you can't wait. Maybe it's me but it seems the guys are a bit more shitty and argumentative with each other than in the first season...
  18. Atavistic

    PC Virtual Pool 4 - eightball and snooker simulator (not swimming pool sim)

    Just bought this recent for US$25 on Steam. Not sure what that translates to in terms of real money, but probably $30-ish. I remember playing the original Virtual Pool back in the 90s and loving it but I never bought the sequels. So far I've just been messing about playing snooker and it has...
  19. Atavistic

    State of Origin 2015

    Anyone bothering to bet on SOO this year? CentreBet and SportsBet have first tryscorer specials whereby you get your money back if the player you bet on scores at any time. I'm thinking about putting a tenner on each of Boyd and maybe Dugan or Thurston. Also, SportsBet have money back if your...
  20. Atavistic

    Trades Round 22 Trades AFL Fantasy

    I have Beams, SJ, JPK and $100k in the bank, so two of those have to go out for Priddis and Sidebottom, I think. Will consider Sloane, perhaps.
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