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  1. Last of the Roys

    Leppa sacked

    Fox Sport are reporting what seems clear - that Leppa has been sacked. (Saying the players were told at 12pm)
  2. Last of the Roys

    The AFL's financial hamstringing

    There is no great place to post this, but this seems to be our only current thread on our financial situation. Anyway, did anyone else see the following article in The Age the other day? It is particularly about Gold Coast's financial woes and the AFL's response - but it mentions the Lions as...
  3. Last of the Roys

    Fitzroy Captains

    On the Lions forum I just posted some info on Lions/Bears/Fitzroy captains that have finished their careers at other clubs. In terms of Fitzroy's 100 seasons in the VLF / AFL this is what I found. - the list of Fitzroy captains can be found via Wikipedia...
  4. Last of the Roys

    Why Lions fans have had enough (From 5/5/2015 Non NSW and QLD club supporters will be carded)

    I thought I would post some interesting stats I looked up the other day on the great AFL Tables website. I know I am not alone in being utterly sick of the Lions having sh*t starts to the year. In fact, the Lions season has basically been...
  5. Last of the Roys

    Fitzroy's 100 season in the VFL / AFL - interesting stats

    After getting the idea from the following article ( ), I decided to use it as the basis to work out how many times clubs just missed the finals over the first 100 VFL / AFL seasons (from 1897 to 1996): Anyway, it...
  6. Last of the Roys

    Fitzroy's logos, nicknames, etc.

    I thought I would start a new thread on the Fitzroy board with something I just posted on the Lions board in response to another poster as I thought the info is pretty interesting and other Roys fans might be able to share anything they have come across on Fitzroy's logos, nicknames, etc...
  7. Last of the Roys

    MCG statues - Fitzroy connection

    Yesterday Neil Harvey was the latest sportsmen to have a statue of him unveiled at the MCG. Reading about him and his brothers being born / living in Fitzroy I remembered that my Dad had once said he had played briefly for Fitzroy Football Club. His Wikipedia entry mentions that as well but...
  8. Last of the Roys

    News Brisbane to return to original lion.

    For those that didn't see the news, after a vote at the Lions AGM, the Fitzroy Lion / Triple Premiership Lion is coming back to the Brisbane Lions jumpers - although the change won't be made until 2015 (because all of the jumper merchandise had already been order a couple of months ago for...
  9. Last of the Roys

    Complete list of Fitzroy coaches

    I thought people might be interested in this article that was posted on the Lions website. It contains a complete list of coaches in the Club's combined history (Fitzroy, Bears and Lions), so obviously it includes a complete list of all of the coaches of Fitzroy while we were in the VFL / AFL...
  10. Last of the Roys

    Vale Norm Johnstone
  11. Last of the Roys

    Fitzroy-Brisbane Lions Historical Society

    The Fitzroy-Brisbane Lions Historical Society came about as a result of the Merger in 1996. It has been going since that time but it hasn't ever really had an online presence or been widely promoted outside of the people that have become Historical Society members / attended its functions...
  12. Last of the Roys

    Analysis Inexperience watch

    After being convertered about the impact of the Lions inexperience over the course of the year, I have been watching it closely most weeks. The more inexperienced kids we play in a match compared to the opposition the less likely we are to be competitive. Obviously this is not the only...
  13. Last of the Roys

    Ducking Crucified!!!

    Discuss... (just getting in now and yes the thread could have started with and F)
  14. Last of the Roys

    Fitzroy Amateur in Lions sights

    See the article just posted on the Lions website about their player sponsorship of Toby Hudson-Bevege from FFC:
  15. Last of the Roys

    A History of Fitzroy and Brisbane Lions premierships

    Just providing the following link in case anyone on here is interested. What I thought people might particularly like is that the Lions seemed to have put together links with half a page of information on each of Fitzroy's premiership victories...
  16. Last of the Roys

    Round 11, 1992 - Fitzroy vs. Collingwood at PP

    I just finished watching the last quarter of this game again. It stands out as one of my favourite Fitzroy games of all time. I remember I was sick that day, but there was nothing that would stop me seeing the Roys against the old enemy. We killed them for the first three quarters, but...
  17. Last of the Roys

    Fitzroy's Last Dance - the 1986 Finals Series

    I am sure there have been threads discussing the 1986 Finals Series before, but the following article was such a good read I thought it deserved a new thread. It was originally in the AFL Record apparently, and is now on the AFL website...
  18. Last of the Roys

    the Lions financial situation

    AFL alert as wounded Lions suffer $3m loss It is not official, but it seems like it could very well be a credible figure. Although the AFL's financial year doesn't finish until...
  19. Last of the Roys

    The AFL's Special Distribution Fund / financial equalisation

    Today's Herald-Sun coverage about Port's situation had an interesting table setting out how much the AFL gave various clubs as a Special Distribution in 2010 (over and above the base everyone gets). For 2010 it was the following: Western Bulldogs $1.7m North $1.4m Port $1.3m Melbourne $1m...
  20. Last of the Roys

    Our Forward Line without Brown

    This week we were a lot better in our forward structure compared to the abysmal display the week before. However, it was obvious that we still have major problems in this area while we are playing without the big fella. Here is the forward line setup that I would like to see most of the...
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