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    Prediction Third club for Perth

    Does anyone think there would be a market for a Third club in Perth? Obviously we would stick with Fremantle. We had 8 WAFL clubs in the 70s, 4 of which were fairly well supported. Our population has increased substantially since then although we have many more distractions. You could argue...
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    Analysis Is there any advantage to training on the ground where official home matches are played

    This is an interesting question that has plagued me for a while. Do you think that there is an advantage to training where you play? I imagine there would be some advantage. A small test to this theory is the home ground advantage enjoyed by local league (WAFL) clubs where the grounds are not...
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    Opinion Is Peel a deterrent for prospective recruits?

    Given our recent difficulty in attracting certain players to Perth, I wonder if our host club arrangement with a non metropolitan club like Peel is a deterrent for players considering moving to Fremantle. I realize that the situation is different for rookies and experienced recruits. Would you...
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    Trends in AFL Internet popularity A fun tool to look at google search trends over time. You can use this for anything but I thought you'd be interested in AFL related searches and play with it yourselves.
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    Best place to watch prelim in London

    Hi all, wondering what would be the best bet for a pub in London to watch the Freo prelim. Or am I safer buying a live pass? Many thanks.
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    Analysis Factors influencing home ground advantage

    Our dismal record in Tasmania got me thinking about what actually makes playing at home so advantageous (in general). This link ( shows that each team has a markedly better record at home vs away. What do you see to be the main factors...
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    Which WAFL club do you support (Fremantle supporters)

    A variant on wormburner67's interesting poll.
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    Toast 200th win

    Yesterday's win against Hawthorn marks our 200th win:
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    Grand final prizes

    Hi all, just wondering if there are any fiscal rewards for winning the grand final or finishing second? Is it mainly a pride thing?
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