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  1. Spirit Level

    Contracted Sam Petrevski-Seton [OOC 2021]

    Doesn't seem to be reaching his potential at Carlton. What trade value does he have currently?
  2. Spirit Level

    Universal Love Fight NMD - Big Freeze 6

    Hey all, As I posted on the main board, it's winter again, and that means its time for the Big Freeze Whilst the slide wont be happening this year due to COVID-19, on June 8 Channel 7 will air a special 1-hour presentation around Australia featuring current players from all AFL clubs...
  3. Spirit Level

    Fight NMD - Big Freeze 6

    It's winter again, and that means its time for the Big Freeze Whilst the slide wont be happening this year due to COVID-19, on June 8 Channel 7 will air a special 1-hour presentation around Australia featuring current players from all AFL clubs performing their own ‘ice challenge’ to support...
  4. Spirit Level

    Game Day Adelaide v Fremantle

    Pretty nervous about this one. If we win today the season really opens up for us. McCarthy to kick 5
  5. Spirit Level

    Kayosports "FOX Sports has quietly launched the future of sport in Australia with Kayo the new streaming service available for sports fans. Already dubbed the “Netflix of sport”, Kayo is currently in beta testing and has been opened to the general public to sign up. There are...
  6. Spirit Level

    Travel Berghain

    Friends I wish to hear your stories regarding this fabled place as I am planning on attempting the unlikely in the next year or so. For those who got in, what did you wear? Did you speak German? What was your experience like? What did you see? For those who didnt, what did you wear? Did you...
  7. Spirit Level

    Health The FIFO thread

    Thought I'd create a thread for all my FIFO brethren to have a place to talk about their job, their lifestyle and anything that's on their mind. I'm a graduate geologist working an 8:6 roster flying into Laverton. 8 months in and loving it so far! What's your job and your roster? Do you like...
  8. Spirit Level

    Family & Relationships Past and Current Relationships

    Some people do it, some people don't do it, and I'm interested in getting the GD perspective. Do you/have you discussed your past relationships/hookups with your current partner? Is there are case against/for doing it? Does it bring you closer together in the knowledge that you can share with...
  9. Spirit Level

    Pregnancy & Parenting What's your number?

    Got the idea for this whilst reading the "weird places you've had sex thread" and got curious as to the profile of the GD community (not that it matters, just for fun) Pretty simple really, how many people have you slept with and how old were you when you had your first? FYI, 17 and 16
  10. Spirit Level

    Training 2017 Season Training Reports

    Thought it was time to get this thread up and running. Looking forward to our first season at our amazing new facilities :D Have at it in here
  11. Spirit Level

    Oh hai Eagles

    I wouldn't want to lose to us if I was you, it would be rather embarrassing :$
  12. Spirit Level

    Social Science Children of the 90s

    Being a child of the 90's is something I'll always look fondly upon. Cheez TV, Tamagotchis, dunkaroos, life was sweet :p 2 decades later and I've reached an age in which I have started to think deeply and thoroughly about my own existence, the nature of the universe, what it means to human and...
  13. Spirit Level

    Hey West Coast, time to fling some faeces

    Top of the table clash with top 2 spots on the line (well for one of us anyway), doesn't get much bigger than this. Will the exciting Eagles run right through us, or will Ross Lyon and Freo blanket them with their boring brand of footy. Either way, it's going to be awesome ps. WA is...
  14. Spirit Level

    Live Chat sh*t Kilda vs Failmantle: The Ro$$ Lyin cup

    Who's ready for the annual St Kilda thrashing of Freo? Too bad Zac Clarke is too busy sightseeing to play today
  15. Spirit Level

    Unofficial Preview Round 8 bantz - Purple Haze vs Norf

    Have at it here lads :) Who is going to stop Harvey without our best tagger?
  16. Spirit Level

    Without Crowley, who is going to stop Brent Harvey?

    The time has come for another thrilling installment in the Purple Poofs - Norf saga, but this time around I'm nowhere near confident of winning. In previous years I have had confidence in the fact that we had Crowley to curb the influence of Norf superstar Brent Harvey, but alas this weekend he...
  17. Spirit Level

    Brownlow medal 2014: Bradbury edition

    The night of nights is here folks and since the two best players in the comp, Gary Ablett and Nathan Fyfe are out of the running, this years count is a fairly bradburyesc excersise. Nevertheless, it's always fun to sink a few brews and laugh everytime Boomers missus gets screen time. Who will...
  18. Spirit Level

    There's a western derby this weekend? Time for a shytefyte!

    Predictions: West Coast to win the free kick count 21-5 (10 to Jack Duckling alone) Ballas to slalom his way to 6 big ones Fyfe to show Sheppard how a number 7 pick should play Duckling to taste his own sh*t as Dawson cleans him up (legally of course) West Coast to pretend as though they're...
  19. Spirit Level

    Photoshop Will Minson photoshop challenge

    Lets see 'em lads :thumbsu:
  20. Spirit Level

    Zac Clarke > Nic Naitanui

    See thread title
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