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  1. The Unforgiven

    Sturt to relocate to Mount Barker?

    I was chatting to a bloke around the barbie on Australia Day (a friend of a friend) who grew up in Mount Barker. He reckons that the Barkeroos have outgrown the current facilities and a number of stakeholders from a number of interested parties are currently exploring a purpose built new...
  2. The Unforgiven

    Chris Tarrant vs Robbie Tarrant

    Robbie took many years to get to an elite level, but right now I think he's poised to overtake his brother and be the better player by the end of his career.
  3. The Unforgiven

    Cover songs that are better than the original

    I was listening to Anthrax' cover of AC/DC's T.N.T. earlier today and it got me thinking about cover songs and just how many are out there which are better than the original. In my opinion, Anthrax covered T.N.T. better than Acca Dacca produced the original. Much better, actually. And I do...
  4. The Unforgiven

    Is the quality of new music diminishing, or am I just getting old?

    For some time now, I have pondered this question. But let me preface what I mean by "new" music before I elaborate further. When I say new music, I mean to sugest Top-Fifty pop music. Comparing what charted a quarter of a century ago to now, the music is worlds apart, in my opinion. I was...
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