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    Jacob Mollison at it again

    What stats do the AFL take on umpires? Do they look at the free kicks they pay and to which teams? Do they examine the tape to see the free kicks they don't pay? Do they analyse the nature of the free kicks given? I wasn't umpire watching today but Mollison forced himself to my attention. His...
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    Umpire 32 in the PA Hawthorn game should be sacked!

    He repelled more Hawthorn attacks than PA and what he called disgraceful
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    Orchestrated appeals for free kick

    This is a stain on the game. Note I am referring to orchestrated appeals to the umpire. It is completely against the spirit of the game. The worst offender - by far - is Geelong.
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    It's not all doom and gloom - the 'real' ladder after round 6

    To help keep our spirits up I have done an analysis of the 2020 Draw taking into account 'expected' wins based on the 2019 final ladder against teams that finished lower, and losses against those that finished higher. On the basis of that information I have constructed the 'real' ladder. Where...
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    Special exemption clauses to WC, Richmond and Collingwood but not Hawthorn

    In the Age it was reported that: "... to underline the increasing differences between the ''haves'' and the ''have nots'', the wealthier clubs such as West Coast, Richmond and Collingwood - disenchanted at having to follow receivership rules - have achieved a special clause in the new agreement...
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    How can we support the club during this crisis?

    My wife and I are legends members, obviously we do not expect/want a refund for the 2020 season but is there anything else can we do to support the club other than more money?
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    God please help

    After last night's excrutiating pre season draft to today's news about a shorter half time and players being able to appeal goal umpire decisions. Can't you stop this nonsense.
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    Richmond Game seats

    I am a Legends member. I have tickets for both home and away games. I was not able to confirm that I could go to the match against the Tigers until today. It seems that I had to book tickets yesterday and that now I have to pay a premium for 3 seats tomorrow that I have already paid for...
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    The worst football in a generation

    Hocking, McLachlan and the AFL Board should all resign. Their arrogance in changing the games has resulted in the most congestion, the lowest scoring and the most boring football in a generation.
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    AFL Rule tampering nonsense

    For 2019 the AFL introduced new rules for football to remove congestion and prompt higher scoring. We have now had four rounds of football and the impact of those rules can now be seen. The following table compares AFL scores for the first four rounds from 2012-2018. Year Points scored...
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    Support breast cancer but ditch the jumper

    Just who was playing in gold today in our home match? Get rid of that abomination of a jumper and find some other way of supporting the breast cancer appeal.
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    Umpiring review from Round 2?

    There's been enough outrage by NEUTRALS on Big Footy about the onesided umpiring in the last 15 minutes of the Geelong v Hawthorn game to justify a review. Has the AFL done a review? If so what were their findings?
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    Hawthorn scarfs wanted

    I am taking 36 Saudi teachers and their children (who are in Australia short term) to the Richmond v Hawthorn match on Sunday. As a loyal Hawks supporter I want to make 100% sure that I have 36 converts to both the game and Hawthorn. I have some Hawthorn scarfs from previous years but not...
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    Why oh why white

    Why did Hawthorn wear a white top against the Dockers? What was the clash? What is going on? Why do the Hawks wear a clash jumper when it is not needed? Can someone explain it and also explain why we wear white while other clubs get away with a very loose take on the clash jumper (e.g...
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    The stars are aligning

    Last night might have seemed a disaster but finishing fourth may not be such a bad thing given that in: 2013 we finished the home and away season first - premiership 1 2014 we finished the home and away season second - premiership 2 2015 we finished the home and away season third - premiership...
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    Is it time for members only?

    Lethalselbow provided a pretty interesting list of posters on this website in relation to the AL Clarkson poll. If you look through the 60+ posters who voted sack him now, how many of them were Hawthorn supporters and how many of them trolls? I am happy for genuine Hawthorn supporters to air...
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    Some of you have been banging on about Osborne, time up, time to be traded etc etc. Well we need his mongrel. Pity he is out. Some of you may now start to realise his worth
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    Is it time for a supporter evaluation of the AFL?

    First of all let me say that I love football. I am (usually) a happy man during winter especially when the Hawks are playing well. I love the skill and the passion in the game. I love to hate opposition teams but know that they are as important as my club because without them we would have...
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    Birchall greatly missed

    IMO Birch doesn't get his deserved share of the credit at Hawthorn. His absence in the last couple of games has left a huge hole, particularly in bringing the ball out of the backhalf, When will he be back?
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    Earlier in the year I heard a stat that really staggered me. Despite the fact that the Hawthorn and Collingwood teams playing against each other were almost the same average height each Collingwood player was on average 4 kg heavier. I didn't check it out but remained in the memory bank...
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